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Integrated e-Commerce solutions that fit the bill, that's what we offer with Sana. We deliver e-Commerce solutions that are installed within Microsoft Dynamics NAV & AX and SAP that help manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers grow online, including mobile support for sales agents. Easily add an online sales channel and stop wasting time on handling orders by phone, e-mail or fax. It's possible with the Microsoft Dynamics and SAP e-Commerce solutions of Sana.


integrated e-commerce for Dynamics NAV  Integrated e-commerce for Dynamics AX Integrated e-commerce for SAP

Choose your ERP system and discover integrated e-Commerce with Sana.


Truly integrated e-commerce leverages your ERP investment

Sana is installed within your ERP, closer to your existing business logic and data is not possible

We design and develop to closely integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP system so that you can use the business logic and information whenever needed. No other e-Commerce solution works like Sana. Because of the 100% integration, your ERP does the calculation of the online shopping cart so that information on stock, pricing etcetera is real-time. This integration comes out-of-the-box and is the basis for each quick and successful webshop implementation. With Sana you can easily set up a superb Microsoft Dynamics or SAP e-Commerce solution and start selling online.

integrated e-commerce - CfMD obejcts in Dynamics NAV and AX

Because Sana is installed within your ERP, our software can be Certified for Dynamics NAV and AX. Sana Commerce SAP is being certified as well. This simple setup has many advantages.


An integrated webshop can be quickly installed. Comparing to complex and often open-ended interfacing projects to connect 'classic webshops' to your ERP, so they can synchronize information, Sana is simply inserted in the ERP to natively use all that's already there, without synchronization, but real-time. Quick and simple so you can start selling on short term.

Single source - leveraging your ERP investment

Another huge advantage of integrated e-commerce, is that there is only one place where your business data (orders, customers, products) are stored and maintained: your ERP. An integrated webshop like Sana does not replicate and synchronizes information. Costs of maintaining your webshop will drastically decrease, and the chance of error as well. New promotion? New discounting structure? New season or assortment? Only change your ERP, Sana will simply follow.

Besides, Sana leverages your ERP investment. You've invested a lot in time and mony, to have your ERP matching your business porcesses. Since Sana uses exactly that information and calculations, you have another return on your ealierinvestement. Sana does not require to rebuild your discounting system, or to be customized to support your different assortment structure.

Transparancy - maximum customer relief

Only a truly integrated webshop can provide customer pricing, customer assortment, insight in order history and status, automatic processing of pre-payments, and for instance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) based on your ERP's productinfo. Since the Sana integrated webshop provides a transparant view on your ERP's information and calculations, your customers are always serviced, the best way possible. Without bothering your sales department, 24/7.

integrated webshop for SAP

The tight cooperation between SAP and Sana Commerce provide the real-time sales portal towards your customers. This can be in multi-shop, multi currency, multi company and multi language. the Sana Mobile ordering app provides the same integrated advantages, and adds the possibility to order with customer prices and assortment, even when off-line.


You might be curious to what the advantages of integrated e-commerce could mean to your business. Do not hessitate to contact us, or to download the Sana Commerce fact sheet on integrated e-Commerce

integrated B2B e-commerce benefits - download the fact sheet

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