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  • Left in doubt. That is how most people feel about B2B e-commerce. Everybody talks about it but only a few know how it works. We are one of those few. We know your business is changing and we know how B2B e-commerce can benefit your company. In this document you can find out how.
  • Why is interfacing your Dynamics or SAP ERP environment with a random e-Commerce platform not a good idea? Discover how you can get an optimal return on your ERP investment with a 100% integrated platform.
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics or SAP? Download 8 tips for (B2B) webstores now and find out how you can make your customers place their orders online instead of by phone, fax, or e-mail. Learn why ease of use is key, get real-life examples of how to reward your customers and more.
  • How do offline ordering apps make your sales force more effective? Read our newest whitepaper about the benefits of mobile ordering apps.
  • Do you want to find out why a webstore can reduce the support cost of your B2B company? Or do you want to experience why a webstore van expand you particular business. Find out the answer, and many more reason to sell online in this whitepaper. Sana came up with 5 reason why selling online also suits your business!
  • In this trend report we outlined what we've experienced over the last year, implementing our integrated webshops for wholesalers and manufacturers in Dynamics and SAP.
  • We proudly announce the brand new release of our flagship product: Sana Commerce 9, which delivers the next step in integrated B2B e-commerce. Read about the new features and improvements in this overview.