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General Manager

Australia, Melbourne
Mick Dubelaar
HR Business Partner
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*Note: this is a remote position, but it is preferred that you are based out of either Melbourne or Sydney.

At Sana Commerce we are committed to an inclusive environment and recognize that our diverse workforce is one of our greatest strengths.

Your job 

As the first ever General Manager ANZ at Sana Commerce, you will take our business in the ANZ region to the next level. Every year more companies realize the potential of ERP integrated e-commerce, and every year Sana Commerce grows exponentially as a result. We’ve been expanding our business rapidly in ANZ over the past years; however, we are not yet realizing our full potential in this part of the globe. That’s why we’re looking for a talented new colleague in Australia. It’s your job to establish, grow and lead our local team in this promising region for Sana. You’ll report directly into the global Chief Sales Officer (located in Dubai, UAE).

We aim for 70% year-over-year growth, and we know it takes ambition, enthusiasm and creativity to make it happen. Are you curious, smart, committed and entrepreneurial? Then we might have the dream job for you…

Your Key Objectives

  • MRR growth: 50-70% year-over-year growth is expected from the ANZ region
    • This consists of the following components:
      • New business – the most important component of MRR growth
      • Churn prevention – currently churn is around 9% in the ANZ region
      • Upsell – currently around 6% at Sana Commerce
  • Service revenue: 25% year-over-year growth is expected
  • NPS: globally around 20 and expected to improve year-over-year
  • Employee engagement within the ANZ team: global average is an 8.0 currently
  • Further building out the ANZ team
  • Keep that team happy and engaged
  • Build and engage a strong network, where our partners play a crucial role in our success.

Your Key Competencies

  • Founder Spirit You act as if Sana is your own company, and you focus on maximizing input and output.
  • Ambitious You ask questions, see a potential customer/partner/colleague in everyone, and everything is an opportunity to share, acquire knowledge or sell.
  • Execution You get things done. You roll up your sleeves, take initiative and act, and you inspire others to do the same.
  • Customer-centric You are focused on delivering high quality and added value to customers. You create happy long-term customers.
  • Problem solver You tackle problems head-on. You’re both creative and pragmatic with solutions, and you overcome challenges quickly and effectively. You think out of the box and prioritize challenges.
  • Agile You are naturally curious. You regularly evaluate progress, and you are open to advice and coaching.
  • Adventurous You’ve got guts. You step outside your comfort zone and go for it.
  • Team builder You can build your own team with an A-player culture. You have the ability to scout top talent.
  • Collaborative You’ve mastered the ability to work with people with different skill-sets and find common ground/purpose.
  • Internationally oriented You’re culturally aware and you’re eager and willing to travel.

Your profile

  • We value talent over experience, so you can come from any background. Surprise us!

Enough about what we are looking for, let’s talk about who we are

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. It is designed to help these companies foster lasting relationships with their customers. It’s build for companies who run Microsoft Dynamics or SAP as their ERP system and it makes these e-commerce systems work as one with the Sana Commerce platform. Sana is:

  • International: With over 400 colleagues in 8 countries, we’re making customers happy all over the globe. We offer a dynamic international work environment.
  • Cutting Edge: We are changing the world of e-commerce with a unique product that helps companies work more efficiently so they can better serve their customers. We work hard to help our clients achieve their digital transformation.
  • Challenging: Our standards are high. We have an A-player culture and only hire the best. Our average age is around 30, so we value talent over experience. Sana employees are given the room to take initiative and create opportunities for growth.
  • Rewarding: We empower our people to make an impact with their work and take control of their own destiny. Personal growth is one of our key objectives here.
  • Engaging: We work hard to build a company culture and team spirit that exceeds expectations. We strive to make coming to work fun and rewarding and to have an engaged workforce. Working at Sana means working with talented colleges. We all learn from one another here, and that’s why it’s important that every new colleague has something new and unique to bring to the table.
  • Growth-oriented: In order to ensure that we are growing not just quickly but also sustainably, we follow the Scaling-Up methodology, based on the Rockefeller Habits. This helps us keep our goals, meeting structures and methods consistent across the globe, from New York to Perth. 

A Bit of History

We are active in Australia & New Zealand for over 5 years now and have built up a base of around 50 customers that make use of our eCommerce platform. Steel & Tube, phil&teds and Domus Lighting are some of our flagship customers in the region. Today we have two commercial team member on the ground and our delivery and development office in Sri Lanka (and if necessary Ukraine) provide services for our ANZ partners and customers (Software Developers, Project Managers, Consultants, Testers, etc.). Partners in the region have been key to our success. Together with them, we have been able to help mid-market B2B companies in the region take their business online. Majority of the key Microsoft Dynamics and SAP partners in the region are Sana partners as well, and it is our goal to do more business with them and help our partners and customers grow in the B2B eCommerce domain .

Our (and Hopefully Your) Core Values.

  • Entrepreneurial. You pursue your personal ambitions and business objectives, and you lead as if Sana were your own business. As such, you’re always eager to try out new things and think outside the box.
  • Result driven. You’re focused on achieving results that have real value. You’re eager to win and overcome setbacks, and you combine critical thinking with constructive problem solving.
  • Result Driven. You are passionate about what you do. You go beyond your formal job responsibility if it’s in the best interest of the company. You are driven to be successful, even (more) when it gets harder.
  • Team Spirit. You recognize that the team is more important than the individual, that we can only win if we work together and that we therefor celebrate these wins together. Servant leadership is something we aspire in relation to this core value.
  • Learning mindset. Sana Commerce employees will tell you when they know something and when they don’t. If they don’t, they’ll be committed to finding the answer. They are constantly looking to improve and challenge their existing knowledge base. 

We offer

Besides the promise of an amazing ride, we also offer things like a laptop, mobile budget, fair compensation and great colleagues. Most importantly, we offer a challenge that will help you grow both professionally and personally.

Let new adventures begin!

Applying Procedure

Applying procedure
Online Assessment &
Recruiter Interview

With the assessment, we’re measuring your learning agility. Did we click? Then our recruiters would love to get to know you better.

Applying procedure
Hiring Manager

Meet your future manager and ask them anything about the role you’re applying for, about Sana Commerce and the culture.

Applying procedure
Business Case

It’s based on real scenarios and information — you need to prepare a business case. This is done to assess the love for your future role and your skills. One of your future team members will also join this meeting.

Applying procedure
Final Interview with MT-member

We close our hiring process by introducing you to a member of our management team.