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United Kingdom, Manchester
Shaunny Veldhuis
Recruitment Manager
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Every year more companies realize the incredible potential of ERP integrated e-commerce, and every year Sana Commerce grows exponentially as a result. The United Kingdom and Ireland (UKI) region is one of our biggest markets in terms of potential. Sana Commerce is targeting companies that run either Microsoft Dynamics or SAP as their ERP system and together they are the market leaders for ERP systems in the UKI region, resulting in a huge addressable market. 

That is also why we have invested in building a team of 8 people and setting up an office in Manchester. This team represents Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success for our UKI customers and market. They are supported by a team of over 20  Software Developers, Testers, Project Managers, and Consultants based in Ukraine. In the past years, we have seen a 40-50% annual growth in the UKI region and currently, we have about 100 clients (e.g. Weleda, Hobart, Diversey), but our potential is much, much bigger. 

To get the most out of the UKI region, we are looking for a General Manager (GM), who would be responsible for:  

  • Defining and implementing needed strategies/tactics to realize 50-70% year-over-year growth in terms of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR); 
  • Further building out the UKI team in support of this goal; 
  • Maintaining strong employee engagement within the team; 
  • Making sure both new and existing customers are happy and engaged (NPS); 
  • Managing client escalations; 
  • Collaborating on a global level with other General Managers to achieve company-wide success; 
  • Building and engaging a strong network. 


Your key objectives 

Our standards are high. As a GM for the UKI region, you are responsible for the team performance of the UKI region. This contains the following key objectives: 

  • MRR growth of 50-70% year-over-year, consisting of new business, churn prevention (current churn is 8-9% for the UKI region), and upsell (current upsell is 5% globally); 
  • Service revenue growth of 25% year-over-year; 
  • NPS (current NPS is 20) and customer advocacy to improve year-over-year; 
  • Employee engagement to match at least the global score (currently at 7.8 out of 10). 


What’s in it for you?  

  • International team. With over 400 colleagues in 8 countries, we are creating happy customers globally. Our culture has all the aspects of being international, dynamic, fast-paced, and focused on growth; 
  • Personal development. We believe that as our company grows, our people should be able to grow with us. We value learning and development opportunities for all our employees. So, from learning on the job to training and coaching, it’s all there. Together with your manager, you are in charge of your own personal growth. We give our employees the room to take initiatives and create growth opportunities; 
  • Employee engagement is key. We are a fast-growing international scale-up organization in software. We encourage initiatives and ideas from our people. We like to accomplish things together as a team. We strive to make coming to work fun and rewarding and to have an engaged workforce. Every new colleague has something new and unique to offer to our organization. 


What you bring along: 

We value talent over experience, but we would love to see these skills in your profile.  

  • Completed a Bachelor and/or Master’s Degree; 
  • At least three years of leadership experience, preferably in a commercial role (Sales, Customer Success); 
  • Near-native English language skills and strong market knowledge of the UKI market; 
  • Founder mentality with ambition. You act like Sana Commerce is your own company, and you are always driven to get the most out of our potential as an organization. You spot customer/employee/partner potential in everyone, everything is an opportunity to share, acquire, knowledge, or sell. 
  • Execution and risk-taking skills. Getting things done is your middle name. You roll up your sleeves, take initiative, and inspire others to do the same. Next to that, you dare to step out of your comfort zone and go for it. 
  • Customer-centric mindset. For you, there is nothing more important than our customers. You always aim to deliver high quality and added value to our customers. You create happy, long-term relationships with our clients. 
  • Problem-solving skills. You like to fix things. You tackle problems head-on. You are creative and pragmatic with solutions, and you overcome challenges quickly and effectively. 
  • Agility. You are naturally curious. You ask questions all the time. You like to evaluate progress on a regular basis, and you are open to advise and coachable. 
  • Strong leadership skills. You are an inspirational leader and always keen to get the most out of your team. You can build an A-player culture and have the network and skills to scout top talent. You know how to work with different people (skill-sets, personality, and cultures) and find a common purpose. You love to meet people from all over the world and like to travel. 


About us 

It all started in 2007, with a pizza and a plan. One evening in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, five people came together over a pizza and set out to create a B2B e-commerce platform unlike any other. And Sana Commerce was born. 

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform designed to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them. How? By making our customers’ SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP and e-commerce work as one. This unlocks total customer convenience, reliability without compromise, and constant evolution. 

Sana Commerce is currently powered by more than 400 employees. We all have our own expertise and specialties, from sales and marketing to project management and more. But we’re all driven by the same goal: to make our customers’ e-commerce projects a success. 


Our core values 

So, what does being a part of the Sana team mean? Below is a list of our core values — the most important beliefs we look for in new colleagues and the foundation of our company culture. They guide us in our decision making and they define Sana’s personality as an organization.  

  • Entrepreneurial. Sana exists today because a few people had a great idea and brought that idea to life. Sana continues to grow and thrive because that same entrepreneurial spirit is still strong within the company.  
  • Result-driven. We’re an ambitious group here at Sana, there’s no denying that. We set tough targets and give our all to reach them. Of course, we also know that being result-driven is about more than just KPIs. It’s about creating value, tackling challenges head-on, and supporting our colleagues in reaching their goals.  
  • Committed. No one said that getting 10,000 active clients by 2030 was going to be easy! We’re in it for the long haul. Through good times and bad, we stick together because we believe in our product, our promise, and our people.  
  • Team spirit. We love working together, learning from each other, and celebrating success. At Sana, everyone is eager to help their colleagues and success is always a team effort. 

Let new adventures begin!

Applying Procedure

Applying procedure
Online Assessment &
Phone Interview

With the assessment, we’re measuring your learning agility. Did we click? Then our recruiters would love to get to know you better.

Applying procedure
Hiring Manager

Meet your future manager and ask them anything about the role you’re applying for, about Sana Commerce and the culture.

Applying procedure
Business Case

It’s based on real scenarios and information — you need to prepare a business case. This is done to assess the love for your future role and your skills. One of your future team members will also join this meeting.

Applying procedure
Final Interview with MT-member

We close our hiring process by introducing you to a member of our management team.