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Managerial Assistant - Sana Talent Academy

Project Management
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Shaunny Veldhuis
Head of Global Recruitment
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At Sana Commerce we are committed to an inclusive environment and recognize that our diverse workforce is one of our greatest strengths.

Some people might think that a software company is nothing more than some extremely smart programmers who are buried in their computer screens all day. However, we at Sana Commerce know that our excellent programmers all around the world are only a small part of the entire organization. Without our sales teams, customer success managers, marketers, delivery experts, product owners, information managers, data analysts and many others, we wouldn’t be able to create the valuable relationships with our customers and partners that we are most proud of.

That’s the reason why we at Sana Commerce started the Sana Talent Academy, a program where you as a student can find out what it is like to work in a software company and bust the above myth. Next to that you can find out how and where you want to develop you career in tech.

This program focusses on your ambitions and challenges you to not only stick to what you know but go out of you comfort zone and see what is out there. In the Sana Academy you will work on many different projects in all our departments. From sales and marketing to product and information management, you’ll find out everything we have to offer.

The program

The program consists of two phases, a part-time phase and a full-time phase. Both will take approximately one year each and are designed so that you will gradually work towards the end goal of finding your perfect future position.

First phase

You start in the Sana Academy in the final stage of your studies, preferably during your Masters. In this period, you work 16-24 hours a week. You are completely free to choose the working hours yourself to ensure that they don’t interfere with your studies. The first part-time year is divided into four periods:

  • First period: The main goal of this period is getting you familiar with the company and meeting your new colleagues. You will work on different projects within different departments, so you will learn a lot about our product, processes, and the Sana Culture;
  • Second period: In this period, we will assign you to projects within the departments you are most interested in. This way you can find out if this is the direction you want to take your career;
  • Third period: Now that you know which direction you want to take your career, we will focus on getting the right skillset via different courses both internally and externally. We’ll make sure you have all the right tools to pursue your ambitions;
  • Fourth and final period: Now that you know the company, the Sana culture, and you know which next steps you want to take and developed the right skills to move forward, it’s time to take on the big project with a lot of responsibility. You can think about managing companywide projects or lead a project team.

Second Phase

After the four periods as a part-timer, it’s time for the next step. You’ll work two 6-month periods with one department or team to really find out if this is the right place for you. And not only that, but if we can find a match you can also have the opportunity to work in one of our offices abroad! New York, Medellin, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Manchester, everything is on the table.

What’s next?

You know everything there is to know about Sana Commerce, you are certain about where you want to take your career and you have all the skills to rock this position; a perfect hire for our company! Enjoy the ride at Sana Commerce!

What you bring along:

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • You are assertive and are not afraid to go after what you want;
  • You are in the final stage of your studies, preferable in your Masters;
  • You can work both individually and, in a team;
  • You are well organized and can manage multiple projects at the same time.

What’s in it for you?

  • Making an impact: You will be working in an ambitious and growing team within a scale-up organization. This offers a lot of opportunities to bring your own ideas to action and achieve huge results.
  • Inspiring working environment: You will collaborate with our global team from Dubai, Melbourne, Rotterdam, Manchester, Munich, Ukraine, New York, to Medellin.
  • Best team ever: We like to work hard, have fun and. if we have one reason to celebrate we will always do. 
  • Personal development: We think that you are important. For sure when it comes to your personal growth. We offer you the tools to keep you happy and engaged.

I’ve been working in the academy for two months and a half now, and it’s safe to say that it’s been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling professional experiences I’ve had so far.
Coming into Sana, I was expecting an environment where I could see myself grow, learn new soft and hard skills, build up meaningful professional experience related to my field of study (Media & Business) and at the same time meet new people that I would be able to relate and interact with. Safe to say, all of this has been met with outstanding results.
From the get go, I’ve been able to work in projects that allowed me to gain a bigger picture of what Sana is and works, and my managers always understood my nature as a part time working student, never requesting from me anything that would be unrealistic or overly ambitious.
Moreover, working hours are extremely flexible, and that allows me the flexibility I need to work on exams, or any school-related assignments.
Working in the Talent academy has barely even felt like working, and the opportunity I’ve been given will definitely allow me to build the stepping stones to my soon-to-be professional future.

                    Luigi – Managerial Assistant Talent Academy       

About us

It all started in 2007, with a pizza and a plan. One evening in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, five people came together over a pizza and set out to create a B2B e-commerce platform unlike any other. And Sana Commerce was born.

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform designed to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them. How? By making our customers’ SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP and e-commerce work as one. This unlocks total customer convenience, reliability without compromise, and constant evolution.

Sana Commerce is currently powered by more than 500 employees. We all have our own expertise and specialties, from sales and marketing to project management and more. But we’re all driven by the same goal: to make our customers’ e-commerce projects a success.

Our core values

So, what does being a part of the Sana team mean? Below is a list of our core values — the most important beliefs we look for in new colleagues and the foundation of our company culture. They guide us in our decision making and they define Sana’s personality as an organization.

  • Entrepreneurial. Sana exists today because a few people had a great idea and brought that idea to life. Sana continues to grow and thrive because that same entrepreneurial spirit is still strong within the company.
  • Result driven. We’re an ambitious group here at Sana, there’s no denying that. We set tough targets and give our all to reach them. Of course, we also know that being result-driven is about more than just KPIs. It’s about creating value, tackling challenges head-on and supporting our colleagues in reaching their goals.
  • Customer-Centric. No one said that getting 10,000 active clients by 2030 was going to be easy! We’re in it for the long haul. Through good times and bad, we stick together because we believe in our product, our promise and our people.
  • Team spirit. We love working together, learning from each other, and celebrating success. At Sana, everyone is eager to help their colleagues and success is always a team effort.
  • Learning mindset. Sana Commerce employees will tell you when they know something and when they don’t. If they don’t, they’ll be committed to finding the answer. They are constantly looking to improve and challenge their existing knowledge base.

Let new adventures begin!

Application Procedure

Applying procedure
Online Assessment &
Recruiter Interview

With the assessment, we’re measuring your learning agility. Did we click? Then our recruiters would love to get to know you better.

Applying procedure
Hiring Manager

Meet your future manager and ask them anything about the role you’re applying for, about Sana Commerce and the culture.

Applying procedure
Business Case

It’s based on real scenarios and information — you need to prepare a business case. This is done to assess the love for your future role and your skills. One of your future team members will also join this meeting.

Applying procedure
Final Interview with MT-member

We close our hiring process by introducing you to a member of our management team.