Bierhandel de Wilde

Bierhandel de Wilde

Learn how Bierhandel de Wilde expanded its market reach and boosted efficiency with Sana Commerce.

  • Supplier of beverages including beer, wine, soft drinks and coffee
  • Delivers to companies inside and outside the food and beverage industry, and to smaller beer sellers




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The challenge

Searching for an e-commerce solution to help its digital transformation

Bierhandel de Wilde wanted to launch a new website, complete with a web store, to increase the strength of the business and introduce its products to the online market.

Bierhandel de Wilde had not set up a web store before, but realized that B2B e-commerce was becoming more and more important. “Everything happens online nowadays. As a B2B company you just cannot fall behind,” says Carl van Goethem, Director of Bierhandel de Wilde.

The company wanted to offer its existing clients additional services. “Customers need to be able to access their own deliveries, invoices, stock items and prices with their own login credentials.” Together with IT partner SDE, Bierhandel de Wilde set off on a search for the right solution. When SDE provided a Sana demo, there was no doubt.

Bierhandel de Wilde

We didn’t even look at other solutions. We were convinced from the start and immediately got on board.

Bierhandel de Wilde Carl van Goethem | Director of Bierhandel de Wilde

The solution

Customer self-service through an ERP-integrated web store

After a few weeks of working in the test environment, it was time for Bierhandel de Wilde to go live. “We hadn’t set a date beforehand. We wanted to get the best possible online results.” Clients then received an email explaining the benefits of e-commerce and instructions on how to create a profile to log in. “A lot of customers are really excited, even if they are somewhat unfamiliar with e-commerce.”

“It’s expected that ten years from now there will still be clients who have not used the web store, but the majority sees it as a positive addition to our range of services. The most important reason is that they can now access all the necessary information online, whether it’s an invoice from two years ago or the price of a product.” on. The company can now run personalized promotions itself, such as adding personalized banners to the website.

We are really happy we chose Sana as our e-commerce software supplier. Our customers are really happy with the web store and we present ourselves as a young and modern company.

Bierhandel de Wilde Carl van Goethem | Director of Bierhandel de Wilde

The results

Wider reach and efficiency boost

Thanks to its Sana Commerce web store, Bierhandel de Wilde benefited from the following results:

  • Fewer data entry errors and more efficient processes: The most important reason for choosing Sana was the full integration with their Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system. “Everything is automated. A purchase order is automatically added to the system.” Thanks to the automated system it is possible to work much more efficiently, “We no longer run the risk of making unnecessary mistakes when typing in an order, which makes things a lot easier.”
  • Wider reach: Thanks to the B2B web store, Bierhandel de Wilde can now reach a much larger segment of the public. “We have a wonderful beverage store, but it’s only those customers within a radius of about 10 to 15 km who really have a chance to enjoy it. The web store allows us to reach a lot more new customers.” At the moment, the online shop is available for the Netherlands and Belgium. “Many customers from the Netherlands now visit our online shop for that special kind of Dutch gin or that special wine, and we’re happy that we can send it to them.”
  • 24/7 accessible worldwide: Another plus is that customers can access information about invoices and products 24/7, no matter where they are. “This is also a lot more effective for us as a company. The web store reduced the number of man-hours because we no longer have to enter all the information by hand.” Another great benefit is that it ensures that fewer mistakes are made.
  • Happy customers: “We are really happy we chose Sana Commerce as our e-commerce software supplier. Our customers are really happy with the web store and we present ourselves as a young and modern company,” says van Goethem.

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