Learn how Coulisse continued to improve its customer service as its business grew.

  • Leading global supplier of window coverings
  • Established in 1992
  • Locations in major cities including Miami, Shanghai and Moscow
  • Serves both DIY and custom markets, supplying individual parts and fabrics to suppliers and assemblers, and complete products to home furnishing stores and retailers


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The challenge

Continuing to deliver great service while growing

Coulisse is known around the world for their innovation, design and creativity — and for good reason. The company invests a lot of time and energy in design and technology, and they can’t wait to introduce their many product innovations revolving around systems, automation and collections to a global market.

It’s this innovative nature that keeps them at the forefront of their industry, and in order to stay ahead they knew they had to expand into the world of digital sales channels. They knew this would be a challenge, as e-commerce wasn’t a standard yet in their market and their customers weren’t used to ordering online.

So, in addition to finding the right technology, Coulisse knew from the start that they would have to create and commit to a strategy that would encourage their customers to make the switch to online ordering.

Another big challenge for Coulisse was growth. “We’re getting increasingly more orders from a wider range of markets,” says Roy Ebbekink, Online & Technology Marketer at Coulisse, “and we want to continue to be able to serve our customers at the very highest level.”

Coulisse Challenge

The solution

100% customer focus through automation

Coulisse was ready to take on the challenge and went to work finding a solution. It all began with automation, when their IT partner, Prodware, helped them implement a new ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

We have to work with a lot of different time zones, which means there are orders that come in at night and need to be processed during the day,” says Ebbekink.

“Automation makes it possible for us to accommodate our worldwide growth; it helps us streamline our processes while maintaining our complete focus on the customer.”

Coulisse’s new ERP system provided them with an invaluable a single source of truth for their most vital information. From customer data to product information and inventory, everything is stored in one place, ensuring streamlined processes and accurate, up-to-date information.

Besides creating a single source of truth, Microsoft Dynamics NAV also formed the foundation for their web store.

“Prodware, our IT partner, helped us implement our Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution,” explains Ebbekink. “It was important to us from the start to have an e-commerce solution that would integrate well with it.”

When they found out about Sana Commerce, a web store solution that integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, they knew it would be the perfect tool to ensure their assortment was available to customers all over the world.

We started looking for a place where our customers can always have access to information about our products, prices and inventory, and where they could also access support documentation and account information.

Coulisse Roy Ebbekink | Online & Technology Marketer at Coulisse

The results

Improved customer satisfaction and increased ROI

Technological developments are always twofold: they help businesses optimize their processes and information streams, and as a result they ensure that customers have a better experience, more ease and faster service.

Their customers are getting on board, too. “It’s required a huge behavioral change, but we’ve already made a lot of progress,” says Ebbekink. “We’ve noticed that our customers are also starting to really see the benefits of automation and are happy to make use of them. This makes it possible for us to use our expertise to take care of our customers in other areas.”

“When we launched our portal we started out with just a couple of customers who ordered online. In just a year, the number of orders being placed online versus via traditional channels went from 0 to 60%. We’ve also seen that once customers have ordered online for the first time, they continue to do so.”

E-commerce is speeding up our internationalization. `{`And`}` thanks to automation we’ve been able to optimize the way we use our expertise and therefore increase the level of service we offer our clients.

Coulisse Roy Ebbekink | Online & Technology Marketer at Coulisse

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