Discover how the food and drink franchise automated its order processing and united B2B and B2C e-commerce in one platform.

  • Family business specializing in grilled snacks and ready-made chicken meal
  • Successful franchise formula
  • More than 40 stores in the Netherlands


minutes saved per day


accuracy and fewer errors

B2C & B2B

in one platform

The challenge

Combining B2B and B2C e-commerce

Having such a large franchise means processing a large volume of orders, and Kippie was losing a lot of time on manual order entry each day. Therefore, Kippie’s headquarters, responsible for the back-office processes of all stores, wanted more efficient order fulfillment for both retailers and clients. E-commerce seemed to be the solution, but there were a number of requirements, including:

  • Combining B2C and B2B e-commerceAfter Kippie introduced a successful online consumer order form for consumers, a web store was the next step. E-commerce would also let the company optimize its B2B order process. Using one tool for both B2C and B2B processes made the investment worthwhile, but also made ERP integration essential.
  • Marketing the Kippie Brand:
    Kippie wanted more than a sales portal. “The web store isn’t just for selling products, but the entire story,” says Sanne Hofman, E-Commerce Manager at Kippie. “We want to add to the customer experience with appetizing food and good products. But customers also have to be able to place advanced orders.” The solution had to be both functional and lend a hand in marketing the Kippie brand.

The solution

ERP-integrated web stores for B2C and B2B

Kippie’s e-commerce solution needed to leverage the logic inside its Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP system. Kippie approached its IT partner, Schouw Informatisering, for help, and together they chose Sana Commerce.

Thanks to the ERP architecture used by Kippie, Sana’s seamless integration with Dynamics provided a solution for both B2B and B2C e-commerce. “We have two separate web stores linked to two separate companies in Navision,” says Hofman. Consumers can easily order food in the B2C environment, and there is a separate B2B portal for retailer orders. This allows Kippie to tailor the portal to each segment’s different needs.”

Orders used to be placed via fax or telephone, often with as many as 50-line items… Retailers are now the ones entering orders in the ERP, which is great.

Kippie Willem Krijgsman | IT Specialist at Kippie

The results

Automated order processing allows Kippie to grow its business

Sana Commerce allows Kippie to automate its B2B processes. Orders used to be placed via fax or telephone and then manually processed every morning. Sana Commerce integrates directly into Dynamics Navision, making automatic order processing possible. The benefits for Kippie include:

  • A time saving of between 30 and 45 minutes a day — time previously spent manually processing orders
  • Increase in accuracy by eliminating human error

But Kippie wasn’t looking for a typical B2B online sales portal. “A butcher often has six or seven suppliers. But our retailers order everything from us. That means that the portal isn’t really about selling,” says Hofman. “Sana Commerce makes it easy for retailers to place orders, but also to download handbooks and newsletters, which means the web store doubles as an efficient communication channel.

“Retailers can also view and order the entire assortment in the web store, including products that they may not know. This makes it easier than ever to optimize their own assortment by replacing products that are not selling well in their particular store.”

In addition, the company’s reporting tool, ExSion, can be used for the web store. This grants Kippie insight into which store a customer uses, making it easier to get in touch.

We are very satisfied with the system and the possibilities. We see the benefits every day.

Kippie Sanne Hofman | E-Commerce Manager at Kippie

The future

Kippie’s future plans

Sana Commerce is perfectly suited to keeping up with Kippie’s expanding business. The company can add unlimited users, making it easy to roll out the system to new stores. Kippie is also considering shipping products directly to clients in the future — another process supported by Sana Commerce.

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