SSS Australia

SSS Australia is disrupting a traditional health care industry with a powerful ERP-integrated e-commerce platform.

  • Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Australia’s leading provider of wholesale healthcare supplies
  • Founded to provide customers with a good experience that makes them feel valued

20% to 55%

increase in online orders


lower total cost of ownership (TCO)


increase in operational efficiency

The challenge

Outdated web store

The company was struggling with an outdated e-commerce platform, which would have been too costly to bring up to today’s e-commerce standards. Its customers were unhappy with the web store and couldn’t be convinced to order online. This meant that only 20% of SSS Australia’s orders came through its web store, which was holding back the company’s growth.

“With our previous platform, we were stuck with a web store that had an ‘90s design, poor performance and no interactivity. It would have been costly to get that platform to today’s standards,” said Soren Rasmussen, IT & Customer Support Manager at SSS Australia.

The solution

Sana Commerce

SSS Australia’s Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system is central to its company operations. Therefore, when the company was searching for a new e-commerce platform, a seamless integration with its ERP was a determining factor. That’s why it chose Sana Commerce.

“When implementing a new e-commerce solution, the seamless integration with our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP was crucial. And with Sana, this was easily done. We received great support from the Sana team throughout the whole process. That’s another great thing about Sana, the team is always willing to help,” said Rasmussen.

The results

Increase in orders, customers and operational efficiency

Thanks to its Sana Commerce web store, SSS Australia benefited from the following results:

  • Online orders increased from 20% to 55%: “We went from receiving 20% of our orders through the web store to 55% with Sana, that’s a nearly 3x increase in online orders” explained Soren Rasmussen, IT & Customer Support Manager. Customers have reacted positively to the new web store, and are now much more willing to purchase online instead of via fax, phone or email. While SSS Australia operates in a traditional industry, as newer generations enter the healthcare industry, the company is also seeing a growing demand for purchasing online.
  • 20% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO): With its previous e-commerce platform, SSS Australia would have had to invest a significant amount of money into bringing the platform up to today’s e-commerce standards.
  • Increased efficiency: SSS Australia’s sales team doesn’t spend as much time processing orders via phone, fax and email. Its sales representatives now also encourage customers to place their orders via the web store, something which they did not do with the previous web store.
  • Increase in organic traffic and additional customer registrations: “We’ve seen an increase in organic traffic and new customer registrations due to our online presence,” added Michelle Stokes, Marketing Manager at SSS Australia.

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