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Verdo was able to increase its conversion to 31% with its new Sana Commerce web store.

  • International energy group with head offices in Denmark
  • Drives a leading fuel trading company and develops, operates and services heating and electricity plants
  • Also a utility company which produces and distributes electricity, freshwater and district heating
  • 500 employees and a revenue of DKK 2.4 billion in 2017

5 web stores

in 2 countries

Microsoft Dynamics AX

and Dynamics 365

31% increase

in conversion rate

The challenge

Heavy e-commerce platforms and lack of ERP integration

“When I arrived 3 years ago,” tells Peter Berggreen Olesen, E-Commerce Manager at Verdo, “We were using multiple heavy e-commerce platforms where integration with the ERP system was nonexistent. It was also a very expensive solution. We knew it was time for a change. So, our IT team — consisting of Torkil Carlsen, AX Consultant and Kim Jørgensen, AX developer & Release Manager — went to work to handle that part of the solution.

“Together we searched the market for platforms with deep integration with our ERP systems: Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We found two companies who could deliver that, and when we put together a list of pros and cons, there was no doubt we should choose Sana Commerce.”

Verdo Challenge

The solution

Deep ERP integration for new web stores

Sana offered deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365, and so did the competitor.

“But Sana’s solution with multiple shops and the whole backend system was fantastic for us,” explains Olesen. “It was just what we needed. There was really no doubt in the business case which system we would choose. The other option would have required heavy customization for this, and it would have cost significantly more. It took about 8 months from the time Peter started looking for a solution to complete the business case.”

Having in-house Dynamics AX expertise helped move things along quickly. Still, as a two-man team (Olesen was taking care of the frontend and the CMS, while Carlsen managed the Sana connector and Dynamics AX settings) Olesen was surprised at how much they were able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

Verdo’s first UK web store on Sana Commerce launched in November of 2017, and the company has already seen impressive results.

We work with multiple brands, countries and ERP systems. The other option would have required heavy customization for this, and it would have cost significantly more.

Verdo Peter Berggreen Olesen | E-Commerce Manager at Verdo

The results

Process optimization, purchase in 4 clicks, and increased conversion rate

One of the first advantages Olesen noticed was the ability to fully optimize their campaign and content process.

“What was important for us,” says Olesen, “is when we want to do a campaign in multiple companies, we can do it at the same time. We can go to our graphic designer, say we need banners for all five shops, and the banners are delivered. Before we had to run separate campaigns for every shop.

“Also, with AdWords, we work with a media bureau and we run worldwide campaigns. There, too, I can say we have five shops and we’re doing a campaign from this date to this date, and they can easily fix it for all five shops. This works because we now have a similar structure across shops, so it’s very easy to navigate. That was the whole point – and only Sana could deliver that.”

In addition, Verdo has saved 11 clicks from each order that comes in via its web store. “We’re quite a complex company,” explains Olesen, “because we’re an energy company, and we have a lot of costs that need to go to the different biomass that we sell. Saving 11 clicks is the equivalent of 0.5 full-time employees — all thanks to the automation Sana offers.”

Besides improving efficiency of internal processes, Verdo’s new Sana web stores are also delivering hard results. Its conversion rate has already increased by 31% with the new B2C checkout platform, for instance.

Olesen explains that this is due to the much more efficient checkout process, they can now offer their customers.

Verdo has also seen significant improvement in its website analytics. Visitors are spending 51% more time on the new site. Olesen attributes this to improved content and easier, more logical web site navigation. Visitors are also reading 39% more content, and sales are exploding.

It’s also been a cold winter, so I don’t know yet if it’s the new site or the weather. But we’ve only been live for a month and we’re already seeing amazing results.

Verdo Berggreen Olesen | E-Commerce Manager at Verdo

The future

What’s next for Verdo?

Verdo has two more Sana Commerce web stores in the works, and is not planning on slowing down. “I think the project plan was executed perfectly,” says Olesen. “When we had a problem, it was solved right away. So I really don’t have anything negative to say.”

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