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Find out how furniture supplier Zijlstra, used dropshipping to move its B2B customers online.

  • Furniture and lighting supplier
  • 60 years of industry experience
  • Founded in 1957 as a home decorations manufacturer, shifted its focus to (small) furniture in the 1970s
  • Production locations in Asia and a 10,000m2 storage facility in the Netherlands

From 1% to 33%

of orders online

3 different

web stores


Microsoft Dynamics AX

The challenge

Get strong online and offline presence

Zijlstra currently has a strong online and offline presence, with no fewer than three Sana web stores. Unsurprisingly, digital strategy takes center stage in the company. However, they were aware from day one that they had to take a smart approach to their online presence. They had set the bar high with their offline services.

When Zijlstra decided to launch an e-commerce platform, they were discerning during the software selection stage. Their online store had to suit their brand and offer a good customer experience. But maybe even more important was the fact that the software had to be technologically powerful, too.

Zijlstra Challenge

The solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX as the web store foundation

Like most wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and other suppliers, Zijlstra has to deal with the complexity typical of B2B companies. That’s why the ERP — which in Zijlstra’s case is Microsoft Dynamics AX — is so important.

Dynamics AX is Zijlstra’s single source of truth for all essential information. That’s why they never doubted that they had to use this powerful system for their e-commerce project.

Zijlstra was looking for e-commerce software that connected to Microsoft Dynamics AX in real time. The importance of this was only confirmed by the various web store software provider demos. That’s why Zijlstra chose an e-commerce platform with 100% seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX: Sana Commerce. And it didn’t take long for them to open two more web stores with Sana’s help.

Encouraging B2B buyers with dropshipping

Zijlstra was always aware of the benefits a B2B e-commerce platform offers. But some of their professional clients needed convincing.

The company took a smart approach, actively encouraging their customer base to use their new web store. One of their methods was offering dropshipping, an additional service available exclusively through the web store.

They also made sure that ordering online was as easy as possible. The web stores are currently fully optimized, but Zijlstra is always on the lookout for opportunities to further improve their customer service.

The cooperation between Sana Commerce, our AX developer and our web developer has led to 3 well-performing web stores, each with its own look and feel.

Zijlstra Jan Dirk Tijssen | Financial Manager at Zijlstra

The results

Increase in online orders

Zijlstra’s digital transformation results are impossible to ignore.

For instance: the company has seen considerable growth in orders placed through the web store. They launched their e-commerce platform in July 2014, with 1% of orders being placed online. This number grew to 10% in 2015, and 26% in the period between January and September 2017. In August 2017, a month after upgrading to Sana Commerce, 9.2, 33% of all Zijlstra’s orders were placed online.

Their web store will remain important for Zijlstra: the company aims to receive 60% of orders online in 2018.

Offering dropshipping was the right move. This is a unique reason for clients to use our Sana web store. Customers simply pass consumer orders on to us and focus on the financial processing.

Zijlstra Jan Dirk Tijssen | Financial Manager at Zijlstra

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