Data Analyst

Starter, Information Management, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Your mission is to : Help our company become even more data-driven!

We believe we can do this by ensuring that the business gets as much value as possible from data. Only by optimizing the way we work through the usage of data can we realize the ambitious growth we aim to achieve. Together with the BI Lead, it is your job to create and implement a consistent data-driven strategy that will show the teams at Sana Commerce the way to being data-driven. You will support the Information Management team with the implementation of reports in Power BI and data analytics projects using machine learning techniques.

In this role you’ll be contributing to Sana Commerce Commerce’s growth. You’ll have the opportunity to try new things and experiment with analyses that nobody at Sana Commerce has seen before. You also have freedom to think of initiatives that will contribute to making Sana Commerce more data-driven. 

Your responsibilities:

  • Building insightful reports for different departments within Sana Commerce.
  • Supporting other employees with their Power BI questions.
  • Building trainings to teach your colleagues how to consume, build and adapt Power BI reports.
  • Helping with building consistent data-driven approach across all the departments within Sana Commerce.
  • Helping employees becoming more data-driven and empowering them to create their own insights.
  • Demonstrating the value of good data insights and data analytics to the business by helping with the implementation of Machine Learning proof-of-concepts.

Meet the team
We have a young team of enthusiastic people who are not afraid to try out new things. We get a lot of room to do this, nobody is looking over your shoulder to tell what you should be doing. The best thing about working in Information Management is the fact that you’re not working for external customers, but you’re working to help your colleagues and the organization to perform better. By doing this we learn a lot about the different internal departments and how they operate.

We offer
Sana Commerce is a fast-growing company and a huge fan of the quote “When you’re good enough, you’re old enough”. We are result-driven but we still know when it’s time to relax and have a good time. Sana Commerce invests in its employees with monthly themed office parties, workshops centered around well-being, chair massages and other relaxing and fun activities.

Career opportunities are very broad, you define your own path. You could grow into a technical expert (you are the Machine Learning guru who knows all about black box models). You could also be the business guy who knows just what kind of data analysis and insights the business needs to grow further. Or you maybe you could grow into an all-rounder.

There is also a lot of possibility to learn about other sides of Information Management: data engineering, application management and many more. We offer a lot of trainings in-house: ranging from Power BI in depth workshops to Vitality sessions. But you also get the opportunity to discover new things by attending external trainings. Do you want to learn everything about how companies use Data Science nowadays? You are free to attend data science conferences, Hackathons etc.


We are looking for:

  • At least completed a University degree (Master or Bachelor) in the field of Economics, Business Administration, Econometrics, Mathematics, Computer Science or similar.
  • You have programmed before (R or Python) or if not, you are not afraid to learn programming.
  • You know what a database is and would easily learn to pull data from an SQL database.
  • You have learned about any of these subjects or have experience in Data Science, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Management Information Systems, Information Technology.
  • It’s a big plus if you already have experience with Power BI.

Additional Information

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Selection procedure

  • Click on our ‘Apply now!’ button.
  • Let’s have a chat! If your talent is a match with this role our talent scouts will give you a call to ask some additional questions about your skills and motivation.
  • We are a data-driven company, that’s why we might invite you to work on our brain teaser. It gives us great insight in your ability to learn quickly, which is essential in a fast-growing company like ours!
  • You will meet us at our office to have a cup of coffee (or tea) with your future manager and colleagues.
  • We might ask you to work on a Business Case that you can present to your future team
  • Your final conversation will be a ‘get to know you’ with one of our members of the Board.
  • You will be hired and happily running in our offices on Monday morning while everybody is cheering 😊

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