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Complement your product portfolio with ERP-integrated e-commerce.


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Why partner with us

ERP is your sweet spot — why add e-commerce?

As their valued ERP implementation partner, your clients look to you to support their business. But they also trust you to offer guidance and help them take their business to the next level.

Once they’ve invested in a Dynamics or SAP ERP system, your clients have also laid a strong foundation onto which they can layer an e-commerce solution. With half the work already done, leveraging ERP to power e-commerce is a no brainer.

By adding e-commerce to your product portfolio, you can meet the needs of clients already looking to go online with minimal hassle, and even anticipate the needs of customers who may not yet know their organization can benefit from e-commerce integrated with real-time ERP data. This elevates you from an ERP partner to a strategic business partner that fills needs within, and adjacent to, their area of expertise.

Why partner with us
Ambassador program

Our Ambassador Program is designed for independent technical and functional consultants who are interested in partnering up with Sana Commerce and becoming a Sana Ambassador.

Selling partner
Selling Partner Program

Our Selling Partner Program is catered to Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP resellers. It’s ideal for businesses that want to add ERP-integrated e-commerce to their product portfolio.

Implementation partner
Implementation Partner Program

Our Implementation Partner Program is for Dynamics or SAP ERP resellers interested in becoming a digital full-service provider, by selling and implementing Sana Commerce to their customers.

Why choose Sana Commerce?

For years, Sana Commerce’s philosophy of pairing ERP and e-commerce to work as one has helped businesses worldwide succeed online. Tight, real-time ERP integration guarantees data accuracy, minimizes back-end maintenance and streamlines processes for businesses leveraging this approach to sell online. But as the market, technology, and consumer behavior continue to change, we identified an opportunity to change with them.

Now, with our newest product launch, we make this even simpler to achieve. Sana Commerce Cloud is a brand-new product, aimed to better enable strong, lasting business relationships, while still ensuring our customers and their customers’ satisfaction online.

Sana Commerce Cloud now offers:

  • A more robust out-of-the-box offering that requires less customization,
  • Flexible and extensible solution that’s more user-friendly than ever,
  • More freedom to design, customize, and personalize the front-end experience,
  • First solution to use B2B-optimized single page applications (or app-like web experiences),
  • Improved performance, site speed, and checkout processes,
  • And more.

Explore Sana Commerce Cloud

“Sana — due, in part, to their close strategic alignment with Microsoft — provides a fully integrated B2B and B2C native e-commerce solution for the full Dynamics ERP suite: a differentiator that is invaluable to our client base and enables them to achieve their business goals.”

Oleg Glubochansky | Director at RSM U.S. LLP Explore the case study

Why should you act now?

With the launch of Sana Commerce Cloud, Sana Commerce’s product is ahead of the curve, which will put you and your clients ahead as well.

In fact, we’re pioneering the use of new technologies in B2B e-commerce, like React and GraphQL, which enable flexible component-based web interfaces and headless, API-based online experiences.

With Sana Commerce as your partner, your customers will be able to implement future-facing, flexible, and scalable e-commerce solutions that will allow them to evolve. As a partner, you will be able to boast a product portfolio that includes a cutting-edge approach to e-commerce, offering a competitive advantage to any client who partners with you (and with Sana Commerce).

Why partner with us

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