CPQ e‑commerce with e-Con and Sana Commerce

The e-commerce CPQ solution for manufacturers. e-Con and Sana Commerce are a perfect pair, that makes it easy to offer clients customized products online.

Configure Price Quote software

Do you have complex manufacturing production lines? Do you offer clients customized or configured products? Then this is how you can benefit from the powerful CPQ e-commerce combination of e-Con and Sana Commerce.

Streamlined online order processing
A faster, more accurate ordering process

Improve order accuracy by offering an online product configurator and letting customers order configured products online. The e-Con logic ensures that your customers can’t select incorrect product combinations. And because they’re in complete control of the order, customers know they’re getting the right product.

Convenient online configuration and ordering
Convenient online configuration and ordering

Streamline complex product quotes and orders with e-commerce CPQ software. Empower customers by letting them view product and price options, create quotes and place orders. This CPQ e-commerce solution also lets your sales representatives quickly create orders and quotes without help.

Implementation partner
A future-proof sales department

Your sales department is becoming scalable. After all, product and price data isn’t just saved in Excel files, brochures, or even your colleagues’ memory. This e-Con CPQ solution for your e-commerce site makes it simple to quote and order products by simply filling out a list of questions, so the right product is selected based on personal preferences and needs. And clients can find product information and order items without help from Sales.

Better flexibility and visibility of operations
A speedier quote-to-order process

Order composition and all essential factors are taken into account during the quote process. Once a quote is approved the order — including all materials — is ready and production can get started. No more manually checking orders or whether the quoted products can be manufactured.

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Real-time change visibility

Our e-commerce software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics. All product and price changes in Dynamics are immediately recognized and reflected in Sana Commerce and e-Con. Changes only need to be applied once before they come into effect for colleagues, and your customers and dealers can request the latest prices and product info through your web store.

Happier, more empowered customers
Customers in control

E-commerce CPQ software lets your clients place and pay for orders online around the clock. The CPQ, when paired with e-commerce, enables customers to easily place and pay for complex product assortment orders online, 24/7 ⁠— while both product and price changes in Dynamics are immediately recognized and reflected in Sana Commerce and e-Con.

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