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Recap: B2B E‑Commerce Seminar for Manufacturers

We rounded up the best sessions from our recent event. You now can enjoy all of the useful information to help you and your business identify how best to approach your digitization amongst the new normal.

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What is the B2B E-Commerce Seminar for Manufacturers?

It’s a curated round-up of the best internal and external experts who are ready to provide a crash course in how the B2B e-commerce space has changed for a non-traditional retailer like manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers.

B2B buyers expect more from their online buying experience. Ease and speed are key drivers: ¼ of buyers want easier and faster checkout, easier repeat reordering, quicker delivery, and improved tracking are a priority. Recognizing that customers are at the center of their success, manufacturers have taken two roads to solve their CX challenge: investing in a new e-commerce platform (36%) or investing in more personnel to support their existing technology (35%). But which route is best for your business as you exist today?


Explore all the sessions below:

Opening keynote: Manufacturers Turn to D2C to Respond to The Rise of E-Commerce
Adam Robinson, Owner at The Robinson Agency

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A CEO Perspective: The State of E-Commerce in Manufacturing
Michiel Schipperus, Global CEO | Tim Beyer, CEO Americas
Sana Commerce

Hear a C-level perspective on the benchmark report when you watch the session. Watch for a balanced presentation including highlights of key stats and findings from the report, as well as follow-up discussion and analysis. Two CEOs in conversation with one another about the story this report tells and how it lights the way for manufacturers.

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Supply Chain Reimagined: Evolving Sales Strategies with E-Commerce Technology
Joe Cicman, Senior Analyst

During this 30-minute session, you’ll learn:

  • What the current technology trends are in the manufacturing market
  • What the current landscape of e-commerce technologies looks like
  • How to create more inclusive relationships with channel partners
  • Best practices for solving supply chain issues
  • How frontrunners are using digital tools to reimagine customer-facing relationships
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5 Essential Steps to Take When Going Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)
Sander Berlinski, Digital Transformation Strategist
ISM eCompany

The current business models of B2B companies are under pressure due to how significantly COVID-19 has disrupted the market. Shifting focus and changing business models from B2B to D2C is sometimes even necessary to survive as an organization.

But direct delivery to the end-user is not so easy… Think about the challenge of selling one piece instead of doing bulk fulfillment? Or potential conflict with your channel partners? Sander Berlinski will explain the five essential steps to take when you are going D2C.

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Navigating Disruptions in the Food and Beverage Supply Chain
Mike Brenneman, Sana Commerce
Bob McHale, Alithya
Arkadiy Tartakovskiy, Sana Commerce

During this session, we will discuss:

  • What specific challenges in the food and beverage industry can be addressed by an e-commerce solution
  • What differences our partners have seen amongst their food and beverage clients that are actively selling online with ERP-integrated e-commerce vs. those who aren’t
  • What issues businesses face that they are not even aware of.
  • And more!
B2B E-Commerce Summit

E-Commerce, Middleware, and Business Agility
Chris Bischoff, United Pacific Industries
Jai Baek, United Pacific Industries
Mark Miles, Sana Commerce 

Join us as we dive into some of the most surprising results of our recent Manufacturing and E-Commerce Benchmark report in a virtual chat with United Pacific Industries – who will also share their own experience with e-commerce and digital evolution.


  • UPI’s insider perspective on the top manufacturing trends identified in our research
  • The top challenges UPI faced in leveraging middleware to connect e-commerce and ERP
  • Why UPI chose scalability and agility with Sana over the “easy fix:” optimizing the existing solution
B2B E-Commerce Summit

Transitioning from Magento E-Commerce: A Marketer’s Story
Emily Pelosi, K-Rain Manufacturing
Mark Miles, Sana Commerce 

Join Sana Commerce and manufacturer, K-Rain for an open discussion on:

  • Re-platforming your e-commerce (and how to know when you need to)
  • Looking for ERP-integrated B2B solutions that meet customer experience standards
  • Implementing e-commerce with limited resources or personnel
  • Transitioning gracefully from e-commerce giants like Magento (and why K-Rain made the switch)
B2B E-Commerce Summit

How a multi-million B2B enterprise launched a new GTM strategy amid disruption
Chris Haas, Kem Krest
Mark Miles, Sana Commerce

Join our virtual discussion to learn:

  • What challenges led to an investment in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and ERP integrated e-commerce?
  • Why integration with their Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations system was so critical?
  • How ERP e-commerce helped check the boxes on what Kem Krest’s customers wanted and what their business needed
  • How the Sana Commerce platform helped Kem Krest navigate their business’ complexity
B2B E-Commerce Summit

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