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How to be B2B e‑commerce ready in 2023

Get insights on the top 2023 trends in B2B e-commerce — plus, learn how to prepare and improve your own e-commerce strategy for next year.

Here are the top B2B e‑commerce trends you need to know

2/3 of businesses are spending more money online now than ever before — that means more pressure on companies to provide exceptional customer experiences and adapt to the times.

Here are the top 4 trends you need to know:

  1. B2B companies need to move online if they haven’t already
  2. The growing impact of (cloud) sustainability in e-commerce
  3. The power of unified commerce for better buying journeys
  4. The requirement to choose the right online payment options, services and providers
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How to improve your B2B e‑commerce strategy in 2023

Get the report for insights on how to use these trends to fix the most common issues your clients face online:

  • Prioritize the move to online and delivering a solid customer experience
  • Choose a future-proof and scalable solution (Hint: it’s cloud-based)
  • Connect your backend and frontend systems to give a consistent cross-channel experience
  • Offer buyers more options when it comes to online payments
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Plan your 2023 strategy now

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