Sana Commerce for SAP ECC

Streamline your core processes with our proven SAP ECC e-commerce solution for large enterprises.

  • Leverage your real-time SAP ECC ERP data to offer rich core web store functionalities and to keep your customers informed throughout the buyer journey.
  • Eliminate information silos with SAP ECC as your single source of truth.
  • Automate core processes and drive operational excellence.
  • Secure your web store by hosting it in the cloud via Microsoft Azure.
  • Offer a SaaS solution (Sana SaaS) that eliminates manual updates.

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Download our factsheet: Sana Commerce for SAP ECC
Download our factsheet: Sana Commerce for SAP ECC

Why choose Sana Commerce for SAP ECC-integrated e-commerce?

Large enterprises want and need to be poised to take off as new opportunities arise. To do this, tap into the data housed in your SAP ECC ERP system to gather targeted insights that will inform your next move (and power your web store). Sana can help you benefit from data-driven business decisions and improved operational performance, core process integration and automation, a future-ready e-commerce strategy, and more:

Total Customer Convenience

E-commerce that prioritizes customer convenience

When it comes to successful business, your customers (and maintaining long-lasting relationships with them) are key. Launch an e-commerce experience your audience will love, designed with UX and self-service top-of-mind: a Sana web store.

Better way to evolve your business

A dependable solution – guaranteed

Buyers, especially in B2B, are demanding online channels from their preferred vendors. With Sana, you can offer your valued clients a web store that always boasts great performance, foolproof security, and real-time product, pricing, and customer data direct from SAP ECC.

Effortless Scalability

A platform that supports effortless scalability

Sana Commerce supports organizations looking to scale, evolve, or embrace globalization – all without a hassle. Sana offers support for multiple web stores, currencies, and selling models as well as for high-volume traffic during peak periods.

Here’s what satisfied Sana customers have to say:

Sana seemed to be the only solution to truly understand… that we wanted to benefit from our SAP ERP investment – and [knew] how to do that. [With Sana], a world of possibilities opened up to us.
Bart van Eijndhoven | General Director, Basiq Dental
of profit is now driven online
web stores launched across markets

SAP ECC-integrated e-commerce with Sana

SAP ECC-integrated e-commerce can put your company at the top of its game – if you leverage your resources and tools right. With Sana, you can launch an e-commerce experience that helps your organization build sustainable growth, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce errors by making the fundamental aspects of your business systematic.

Explore all that a Sana Commerce ERP e-commerce solution has to offer:

Out-of-the-box integration with SAP ECC
A reliable, secure solution
Extensible, enterprise-focused e-commerce
No data silos; better decision-making
A shorter order-to-cash cycle
Spot-on personalization
Automated pricing calculations
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  • Out-of-the-box integration with SAP ECC

    Sana’s out-of-the-box solution offers direct integration with SAP ECC, which means even if you don’t want to worry about too many customizations for your e-commerce project, you’ll have an easy-to-implement solution that eliminates siloed data.
  • A reliable, secure solution

    Your web store’s security is a top priority for Sana, so we implement security best practices (as defined by OWASP) and never store sensitive credit card information. Our e-commerce software is evaluated, tested and certified by both Lionbridge and SAP.
  • Extensible, enterprise-focused e-commerce

    Focus on your customer relationships, trusting that your web store can be evolved to keep up with change. For a more sophisticated approach, build upon our out-of-the-box solution further with add-ons for payment, shipping, PIM, Configure Price Quot...
  • No data silos; better decision-making

    With Sana, you can give everyone across your business a single source of truth (your ERP). Facilitate the flow of real-time information across departments to make data-driven business decisions.
  • A shorter order-to-cash cycle

    Accept payments on all open invoices directly from your web store, and ensure that both you and your customers can enjoy 100% accurate billing information in real-time.
  • Spot-on personalization

    Use the client information you’ve already stored in your ERP system to tailor the content in your web store and target a specific client segment with a hyper-personalized, customer-specific experience.
  • Automated pricing calculations

    With Sana, your web store pricing is calculated and managed in real-time in SAP ECC and shown in your web store, ensuring your customer has a clear view of what’s being purchased (and how much it will cost), all directly from the shopping cart.

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