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Personalized B2B Processes

Boost conversion and sales volume by bringing complex customer specific processes online.

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Bring complex customer data online to create custom buyer journeys

Sana Commerce Cloud leverages complex customer data from your ERP to anticipate buyer needs. Automate recurring orders, apply sales agreements online, and integrate with email marketing tools to create tailored experiences for a functional buyer journey.

Dynamic promotion management

Create customer-specific campaigns using data gained from your web store and incentivize conversion through intelligent and streamlined promotion management.

  • Automate recurring orders with customer-specific pricing.
  • Create and manage discounts via the Subscriptions feature, encouraging return orders and higher sales volume.
  • Import sales agreements from your ERP to minimize order errors.
  • Integrate with marketing automation tools (such as MailChimp) to create automated campaigns based on purchase history or click behavior, improving web store adoption and sales volume.

Customer-specific pricing

Most B2B product sellers need to manage complex product assortments, customer profiles and pricing agreements. Sana Commerce Cloud’s pricing management functionality makes this simple. Deliver seamless access to personalized pricings across your web store.

  • Eliminate data silos and incorrect price information with real-time ERP syncs.
  • Automate upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on ERP data to increase sales volume.
  • Manage complex product assortments without compromising on tailored buyer experiences.

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“In addition to delivery times, stock and specifications, we can display price scales and individual discounts for industrial customers. Furthermore, customers have access to their complete order history, regardless of the original method by which the order was submitted.”

Daniel Sajko, Marketing Director at Tewipack Read about Tewipack

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