White paper: Is e-commerce failing B2B buyers? How To Create a Winning CX

E-commerce is now the #1 purchasing channel in B2B. Is yours up to the job? We surveyed over 1,200 professional buyers for this report to help you improve your customer experience and relationships online.

2022 B2B Buyer Report Cover

Is your e-commerce site failing B2B buyers?

What can you expect in the report?

  • Discover what B2B buyers look for when purchasing online
  • Learn the three fundamental pillars of CX
  • Get a five-step plan to optimize your customer journey

Our latest research reveals that e-commerce sites fail to meet B2B buyer expectations due to poor customer experience:

  • 32% of buyers struggle to find the right product
  • 29% of buyers struggle to find consistent information across channels
  • 29% of buyers struggle to get accurate pricing and stock data
  • 36% of buyers are frustrated by the lack of personalization available to them online

Get a copy of the report today to learn how you can improve these critical customer experience issues.

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