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Whether you are a first-time e-commerce user or have implemented your current solution for years, Sana Commerce has a plan for you to grow and evolve alongside your business and customer needs.

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Search & discovery

Extend the findability of your products by tagging similar words or creating semantics in the backend. Whether you only allow buyers to search for products through one term or bidirectional – truly understanding buyers’ search behaviors.

Dynamic redirects

Instead of showing search results with a list of pages, you can showcase your top searches or best-selling products by creating product-specific web store pages, allowing upsell opportunities, while buyers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Keyword fields

Prioritize and boost specific keywords tailored to your buyers. With smart algorithms, you can use product data from the ERP system, PIM system or product attributes from Sana to select and boost your preferred keyword fields.

Search suggestions

Find directly what you’re looking for through the search results without the need to type the whole word, Product ID, or blog title and see suggested keywords or products in one overview.

Wildcard search

Search for a part of the word or a phrase based on core terms.

Phonetic search

Search products by their pronunciation giving buyers with language barriers the flexibility to make honest spelling mistakes.

Multiple search operator

Narrow or broaden search terms by using AND or OR when searching for products.

Content search

Besides product-specific pages, you can highlight and promote content pages through the web store’s search bar. Help buyers to find pages like information pages, blog articles, FAQs or news articles swiftly from the search bar, that’ll help you sell your products better – boosting the overall content findability of your web store.

Facetted filter & preselection

Allow buyers to search for products with facetted filter keywords by only typing the words in the search bar instead of clicking the filters one by one – helping buyers find specific products quicker.

B2B sales agreements & discounts
Bundle pricing

Use your ERP’s advanced sales capabilities to cross sell related products with bundle discounts.

Discount codes

Create discount codes from Sana Admin or enable store discounts in your ERP for all customers or specific customer groups.

Volume pricing

Enable volume-specific discounts for bulk purchases — all based on the pricing logic set in your ERP.

Sales orders/agreements

Give your B2B clients 24/7 access to sales agreements and automatically apply discounts to their orders.

Ordering & payments

Automate recurring orders from the web store and start improving customer relations, securing recurring revenue, and optimizing your sales operations.


Empower buyers to place orders for out-of-stock items.

Order & request quote

Empower customers to request quotes and place orders by themselves.

On account

Authorize B2B clients and sales agents to pay orders on account using the “On Account” payment type during checkout.

Payment service providers (PSPs)

Choose from a variety of payment providers based on region or your preferred payment method.

Quote to order conversion

Enable customer self-service by giving your customers the ability to convert quotes to orders.

Refunds & returns (RMA)

Automate returns with an RMA process that is integrated with the sales order processing of your ERP.

Sana Pay

Let customers pay orders and invoices directly during checkout, save their payment details for later and more.

Sana Pay+

Get all the benefits from Sana Pay and integrate your web store, ERP and payment data.

Paid add-on
Paid add-on
Product management
Real-time stock information

Ensure your stock information is up to date and accurate — 24/7.

Catalog management

Manage your product catalog solely in your ERP, then sit back and relax while our software retrieves that data and displays it in your web store.

Product variants

Easily showcase products with multiple variables with either a dropdown or matrix display.

Bill of materials (BOM) support

Display a product’s bill of materials from your ERP to buyers browsing your web store.

Product groups

Combine related products into groups to make it easier for customers to find the right product.

Personalized B2B experience
Sales documents

Edit various fields in the documents by adding, removing, or changing the order of the fields and information shown – delighting buyers in their shopping journey.

B2B account management

Pull B2B customer data from your ERP and create new shop accounts directly in Sana Admin.

Document history

Give customers 24/7 access to all online and offline documents.

Customer assortments

Customize your product offering for all customers or optimize it for individual customers.

Customer segments

Personalize your web store by creating customer segments based on ERP data.

Order on behalf of

Enable your internal teams to place orders, view online and offline customer history, and more.

Multi-account hierarchy

Ensure proper access, entitlement and pricing within multitiered account structures.

Sales channels
Closed web store

For the B2B use case: Authorize customers from your ERP to access your web store by logging in

Open web store & guest checkout

For the B2C use case: Any visitor can access your web store and order items.

B2B customer registration

B2B customers can create an account in your web store. Customize the signup form by adding custom fields and verify customer registration before activating accounts.

Integrated marketplaces

Sell on Facebook Marketplace, Google Shopping or Amazon.

Third-party marketplaces

Facilitate an omnichannel experience by selling via online marketplaces and social media.


Personalize your store for different audiences (I.e., B2B, B2C, etc.) with multiple storefronts. Manage storefronts from just one place: your Sana Admin.

Max. 3
Max. 20

Choose one of our 17 OOTB language packs. Languages can also be configured per web store.


Enable customers around the world to buy in their own currency.

Flat rate shipping

Create shipping methods with fixed shipping costs based on country, order total and weight.

Real-time shipping rates

Provide real-time shipping rates to your customers.

Real-time shipping rates: Freight and LTL support

Provide real-time shipping rates to your customers for shipments of >150lbs (>68kilos).

Front-end user experience
Product attribute management

Customize product specifications, filter fields, keyword fields, facetted filters, sort fields and product sets directly in the Sana Admin to enhance the searchability of your web store and help buyers find their desired products easily.

Two-factor authentication

Unburden your internal teams with enhanced web store’s security while increasing customer’s trust.

Search dynamic redirects

Bring complex processes online by effortlessly guiding buyers with B2B specific search terms through your web store.

Product attribute group

Help customers find important product specifications and information within your web store.

Visual Designer

Build content that converts with our drag-and-drop CMS.

Content elements

Enrich your store design with OOTB elements like exploded lookbook, USP bar, Hover-tiles and more.

Enhanced site speed
Responsive design

Enable customers to purchase from you anytime, anywhere with a fully responsive web store.

Web store navigation

Import item categories straight from your ERP to create a well-structured website navigation.

Faceted search

Create product filters or a search bar based on ERP data to help clients find exactly what they need.

Theme customizations

Customize your store design with Sana Commerce Cloud’s built-in theme editor.

Content block customizations

Use HTML injections to create custom widgets on an individual page level.

OpenAI Automated Product Descriptions

Use OpenAI to automatically create informative and SEO-friendly product descriptions.

Services & support
Online learning & resources

Learn how to install, configure and manage your Sana Commerce web store with in-depth articles, learning guides, video tutorials and more.

Customer support

Sana Commerce offers support to all our customers with dedicated e-commerce experts to answer questions, solve technical issues and more.

Dedicated paired
DTAP environments

Create and push changes live in a testing environment. Number of environments varies based on package.

Sana Success Track

Standard support program for all Sana Commerce Cloud customers to help you achieve your e-commerce goals.

Customize your web store

Missing a feature? Customization possibilities are available for your specific business needs.

SEO & analytics
GTM & Google Analytics

Plug-and-play integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

SEO-optimized URLs

Out-of-the-box SEO optimizations for SEO-friendly URLs.

Sana Commerce Insights (Preview)

Get insights into your web store’s performance based on three sources: your ERP, e-commerce and web analytics data.

Sana Commerce Insights (Standard)

Take your e-commerce analytics even further: Understand the activity of your customers in different regions and industries and learn where to focus.

Paid add-on
Paid add-on
Sana Commerce Insights+

Get advanced website data to improve your marketing campaigns and customer journey with insights from PiwikPRO web analytics and your existing commercial analytics.

Paid add-on
Paid add-on
Address Auto-complete

Speed up the order process on your web store with the global address auto-complete add-on, expediting the address input from buyers to a handful of keystrokes only. Real-time address suggestions and auto-fill contribute to a reduced session to transaction time and an effortless buyer journey.


Automate ordering through multiple systems and adopt an error-free solution that manages your B2B selling journey. The Punch-out add-on streamlines the e-procurement process in your web store.

Paid add-on
Paid add-on
AX retail

Experience a seamless integration with AX Retail for Microsoft Dynamics.

Native ERP

Centralize your data with native ERP integration (Microsoft Dynamics & SAP) — without having to rely on third-party connectors and middleware.


Extensibility opportunities with Sana Commerce Cloud’s API-based architecture.


Streamline all product information such as descriptions, specs, images, attachments and more.

Paid add-on
3D Product Configurator

Enable your buyers to fully personalize a product to their needs directly on the webstore, for a streamlined online sales process. Our integration combines product information and customer-specific pricing with 3D visuals, increasing sales volumes and returning buyers.

LS retail

Integrate with LS Retail (now LS Central) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, so you can offer the same great shopping experience — in store and online.


Our Mailchimp integration leverages ERP and web store data like order history and customer segments – increasing returning orders and sales volume.


Get advanced email marketing capabilities with Dotdigital to create personalized campaigns.

Paid add-on
Reliability & security
Content delivery network & Managed TLS/SSL certificates

Provide buyers with exceptional web store speed by storing website assets like images, styles and public pages in the cloud and security by automating Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate renewals.

Next Generation Web Application Firewall (NGWAF)

Protect your web store against with hacking attempts and block incoming web traffic from unwanted sources with New Generation Web Application Firewall.

Paid add-on

Secure business data from your web store with Sana Commerce’s database backups.

7 days
14 days
Maintenance mode

If your ERP is temporarily unavailable, customers can still browse your product catalog and place orders without disruption.

Multi-installation support

Get extended web store capabilities for multiple (regional) ERP installations, different business units and more.

Load balancing support

Install your web store on multiple servers to ensure smooth performance and reliability despite high traffic.

Advanced security & single sign-on

Get enhanced website security including scans on traffic, access to detailed security reports and benefit from single sign-on authentication.


Which plan is right for you?

Explore which benefits best meet your business needs. Once you request pricing, one of our e-commerce consultants will reach out to you to discuss:

  • Your business’s (e-commerce) goals, challenges and expectations
  • How Sana Commerce can support your business processes
  • The best-fit plan and pricing based on your business needs and Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP system

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of an ERP-integrated e-commerce solution as opposed to using a mainstream solution?

With an ERP-integrated solution*, all changes to your ERP data appear immediately in your web store and vice versa. Our solution is built into your ERP and does not rely on third-party connectors or middleware.

Sana Commerce Cloud processes all your information in one place, eliminating redundancies, inconsistencies and the need to manually maintain more than one set of business data.

* We only integrate with Microsoft Dynamics & SAP ERPs.

What if my business priorities and e-commerce needs change?

We live in a time where things change rapidly — especially when it comes to digital trends and transformation. So, we understand that your business needs may change as well. We will support you and advise you on the best options for your business.

Does Sana Commerce Cloud integrate with third-party applications?

In addition to our native integration with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems, Sana Commerce Cloud has a variety of add-ons and marketplaces to sharpen your web store performance and improve your online offering. We also have technology add-on partners to enhance your customers’ buying experience. You can see the integrations per plan in the list above. For a full list of Sana Apps and other add-ons please see here.

What support do you offer?

Support levels vary based on your selected plan. In general, a more advanced plan comes with access to more senior staff, more service consultant priority and development priority.

Our support services are as follows:

Customer support levels

  • Pool: Access to a pool of support employees
  • Dedicated: Access to one dedicated support employee if you have customizations
  • Dedicated paired: Access to two dedicated support employees. For Advanced customers present in multiple regions (hubs) a dedicated pair per hub will be assigned.


We offer 24/7 support on all hosting related issues for all customers.

Technical support

All technical support, including showstoppers (issues with a high impact in a very short time that relates to the customer’s critical business processes).

Implementation partners

Support is either delivered directly from our implementation partners or us. In case the implementation of your platform is done through one of our partners, please reach out directly to them when it comes to supporting possibilities.

How long does it take to implement Sana Commerce Cloud?

The time and resources to implement Sana Commerce Cloud depends on your business needs and existing tech stack.

You can get to work quickly with our out-of-the-box SaaS product, Sana Commerce Cloud, which is easy to deploy and benefits from a largely automated rollout as well as biweekly product updates after implementation.

If you require extensive customizations, implementation will take longer and require bespoke development work. A customized solution will also not benefit from biweekly product updates.

If a customized solution better suits your business needs, a requirements study will be carried out so that you know exactly how much work will be required to implement and when you will be able to launch your ideal web store.

What is the Sana Success Track and how do I join?

The Sana Success Track is a program for all customers on SCC that aligns their e-commerce objectives with a customized program with tools, measurements and initiatives to help you get there. All SCC customers are automatically enrolled through their Customer Success Manager.

Hear from our customers

Default photo
E-Commerce Manager EU - Manufacturing

Excellent out of the box features to gear up e-commerce

High functionality out-of-the-box ERP centric = low (additional) maintenance, easy to use, fast to expand from market to market.

Default photo
Marketing Manager, Education

Sana is here to help

Bi-weekly releases, I am excited about the continued improvements and the option to submit wish lists (roadmaps).

Default photo
E-Commerce Manager, Miscellaneous

Sana works great for my company and my customers

It works great for our customers. We have grown sales year over year with the help of Sana.

Default photo
Director of IT - Manufacturing

Sana Commerce is easy to configure, flexible and responsive

The Sana Administration console is excellent. It allows non-technical employees to administer and modify portions of the website without requiring them to have any web development or coding experience

Gerard W.
Gerard W.
Financial & Operational Director

We now have orders from customers we previously had no contact with.

No more manual order intake and processing. Stock availability, customer-specific pricing, volume discounts, etc. are all administered in NAV and work great in the web store.

Sibille H.
Sibille H.
Project Manager

Sana Commerce really boosts your online sales.

The pricing for the performance is excellent. Of all the e-commerce solutions we looked at, Sana Commerce was the best in pricing, performance and connection to our ERP.

Andres R.
Andres R.
Chief Information Officer

High level of integration with our ERP.

I like the ability to implement on MS Dynamics Ax, you don’t need to customize a lot in the ERP because Sana includes a high level of integration with MS Dynamics AX. And it is to easy to include the discount policies of each customer and other information from the ERP.

Marco S.
Marco S.
Head of IT Services

We now have a webshop implemented in a very short amount of time.

The webshop works and we don’t need a whole team in Austria to keep it alive. It just works and we can focus on development and new things. Pros: Standard integration Dynamics AX and Perfion. Fits in our IT Strategy. Very professional people on the Sana team. Fast implementation, no surprises.

Madelyne Velasco Mite
Madelyne Velasco Mite
Technology Manager

Best e-commerce I found that integrates with SAP.

It connects perfectly with our ERP and makes our internal processes so easy. We don’t have to worry about updating the inventory info or stuff like that. The integration is smooth and it also notifies admins when you have an issue with a customer or internal Sana task.

Tracy L
Tracy L
Director, Digital Development

The in site editor is great! Overall we've been very happy with Sana.

The platform’s ease of use, integration with our NAV ERP, and the consistency\uptime. We rarely have issues and if we do we get immediate notifications that are generally telling us something’s wrong on our end with our ERP or connectivity.

Default photo
Claude L.

We can now offer solid e-commerce capabilities to our B2B customers.

It allows a flawless flow of information between the front-end and the ERP. It removes the most significant pain of any e-commerce platform; truth of data. Customer comments have been terrific so far.

Filip D.
Filip D.
Sales & Communication Assistant

We were able to set up and run a large store in a short time.

The CMS is easy enough for beginners but is also open enough for advanced users to program. The attention to detail when it comes to SEO and minimal setup is a big plus.

Ready to transform the way you do e-commerce?