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Unlock the Power of Advanced Analytics

Remove silos and gain a holistic, 360° view of online and offline data with Sana Commerce Cloud’s Advanced Analytics. Optimize your full value chain and increase order volumes with insights designed to identify revenue opportunities.

  • Boost sales with key insights from advanced analytics
  • Get a 360° view of your customer journey
  • Combine online and offline sales data for holistic insights that will enable your strongest commercial campaigns yet

Claim Your Free Advanced Analytics Add-On for 12 Months.

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Claim Your Free Advanced Analytics Add-On for 12 Months

Simply book a demo before April 30th to be eligible.

  • Utilize pre-set dashboards that include B2B metrics to help evaluate buyer behavior
  • Investigate abandoned baskets and compose follow-up campaigns based on web-store actions
  • Access historical and competitor benchmark data to build a stronger web store

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Web store metrics

B2B customer journeys are often a series of online and offline actions, and your analytics should reflect that. Sana Commerce Cloud integrates data from both your web store and your ERP to give you a full view of your buyer’s journey, from web store visits to phone calls to offline order placements.

  • Access pre-set dashboards that include key B2B metrics to evaluate buyer behavior.
  • View a complete purchase-and-click path with data from your webstore and your ERP.
  • Work with GDPR-compliant analytics data.

Actionable sales insights

Rather than viewing sales data in silos, Sana Commerce Cloud offers dashboarding with a unique blend of online, offline and web store sales data you can’t find anywhere else. Equip your sales team with a truly holistic view of each buyer’s journey, so they can have informed conversations and reach their targets.

  • Access dashboarding composed of online and offline sales information.
  • Investigate specific products in abandoned baskets in detail.
  • Compose follow-up campaigns based on actual web store actions.

Benchmark data

How does your web store performance stack up against your industry peers? Sana Commerce Cloud lets you view your metrics and analytics alongside similar web stores and your own historical data. This unique vantage point helps you understand how various sub-categories like products and regions influence your key performance metrics.

  • Monitor web store performance, including abandonment rate and bounce rate.
  • Compare performance against other Sana web stores and your own historical web store data.
  • Analyze your web store performance with metrics including:
    • Page views per SKU ordered
    • Percentage of orders researched online and offline
    • View to basket conversion rate

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“Our management team was very impressed with the in-depth commercial insights of the product. It helps us create better visibility for the impact of e-commerce; this can really help us dig into the data. I mean, when you are talking about adding values, this is really powerful.”

Jason Hummert, Sales Manager at Hummert International


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See Advanced Analytics in action

Claim Your Free Advanced Analytics Add-On for 12 Months.

Terms and conditions:

  • To qualify for the offer, demo must be booked with a Sana Commerce sales representative before April 30, 2024.
  • The offer is valid only for new three-year license subscription agreements.
  • The contract signature should be no later than 31 July.
  • This discount cannot be combined with other offers or applied to third-party services/products.