White paper: The Manufacturing & E-Commerce Benchmark Report

The B2B digital transformation in manufacturing is full of advantages. But how can manufacturers overcome e-commerce challenges? Download the report to find out.

Manufacturing Benchmark Report Cover

What does digital transformation look like for B2B manufacturers?

Alongside Sapio Research, we surveyed over 800 manufacturers across various industries in the U.S. The majority were already undergoing their digital transition with 50% of revenue already being generated by online channels. But this success doesn’t come without its challenges. But what are these challenges? Do they differ across industry and company size?

Get an unbiased, in-depth look into what the digital transformation journey looks like for manufacturers: one that can serve as a benchmark to help businesses understand how they compare across their industry.

Download the report to get insights on:

  • Current trends and stats on the number of manufacturing businesses using online sales channels
  • Common issues manufacturers face when implementing an e-commerce solution
  • How manufacturers are overcoming e-commerce challenges to forge better customer relationships
  • Customer needs and advancing technologies — and how to incorporate these into your online strategy

Use these findings to learn how B2B manufacturers can stay ahead of competitors by tuning into the evolving needs of their customers.

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