White paper: Construction Industry Trend Report

Beyond the Digital Transformation

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What does the future hold for construction industry trends?

These are exceptional times for the global construction industry. As the burgeoning global economy continues to drive growth, construction firms and building merchants are tasked with mastering numerous new digital trends that are shaking up the industry landscape as we know it.

But what does it take to truly thrive in these dynamic times of plenty? At the very least, awareness and understanding of the latest developments in the construction industry are essential.

Read the report to learn more about:

  • Global performance of construction equipment manufacturing
  • The biggest construction trends in the U.S, the UK and Germany
  • How the construction industry is approaching digital transformation
  • How e-commerce will impact your business in 2019 and beyond
  • The potential of BIM and additive manufacturing
  • Amazon’s disruptive rise in the DIY market

… and many other topics.

Download your free copy of our construction industry trend report and find out how your firm can remain relevant, dodge disruption and see your finances flourish.

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