White paper: The Benefits of Integration

E-commerce built for your ERP system

Benefits of Integration Cover

At Sana Commerce, we wanted to find a way to make e-commerce more straightforward, efficient and accurate. The solution? ERP-integrated e-commerce.

It’s simple really. By plugging your web store directly into your ERP — where your pricing structures, order availability and customer information are already stored — you can automatically transfer the data and logic you already have into your web store. What does this mean for your business?

  • Increase your sales efficiency with easy-to-navigate online product catalogs.
  • Run your business more efficiently with automated online order processing.
  • Enjoy more accuracy and save time by reusing complex pricing (and not rebuilding it!).
  • Make your customers happier with up-to-date product, inventory and order history information accessible 24/7.
  • Drive sales through personalized e-commerce marketing, and tailored up- and cross-selling opportunities.

Download this white paper to discover all 46 benefits of Sana Commerce’s integrated e-commerce solution — and how it paves the way to happier clients, more sales and better partnerships.

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