The ripple effect of misaligned B2B e-commerce

We asked over 1,000 IT leaders for their perspective on the impact of B2B e-commerce that doesn’t fit their needs. In the report, you’ll find:

  • 37% of IT budgets are spent on integrating software into their existing IT landscape
  • On average, 188 orders are at risk each month due to web store downtime
  • Over one-third of IT leaders have looked for a replacement B2B e-commerce solution

Get the scoop from IT leaders themselves on what the ripple effects are when B2B e-commerce doesn’t hit the mark.

Poor B2B e-commerce decisions create a ripple effect of impact

Through independent evaluation performed by Sapio Research, the picture of how IT leaders interact with B2B e-commerce is finally clear. Everybody wants to be pleased with how a B2B e-commerce solution works for their B2B business. But, as of now, 84% of IT leaders are NOT happy with their current solution.

The decision has never been more crucial and IT voices matter more now than ever. This report uses statistics to tell a story about risks and costs when IT leaders don’t critically evaluate their B2B e-commerce options. Budgets, labor hours, orders at risk and critical frustrations are all addressed in this independent study.

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IT leaders have specific requirements that aren’t being met

The business has commercial needs top of mind. But what about what IT needs? Does the B2B e-commerce solution make your life as an IT leader easier or more difficult? 67% of our respondents say their current B2B e-commerce solution DOES NOT have all the features they want.

All signs point in the direction of a lack of scoping from an IT perspective. This critical scoping can allow an organization to go for a web store that adds value, eases budget pressure and works as intended. As this report shows, misaligned solutions have a large footprint which can devour budgets and labor resources.

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Report series: IT Leaders’ Outlook on B2B E-Commerce ’22/23

The risks and costs of misaligned B2B e-commerce are just the beginning of the story. Over the next few months, the revelations from the research will be released in two follow-up reports:

  • Coming to you in September: How breakdowns in the wrong B2B e-commerce solution damages the relationship IT leaders have with their business counterparts.
  • Coming to you in November: The ways in which IT leaders can leverage the right B2B e-commerce solution to give them more time for innovative roadmap projects.

When you download the first report, you will automatically receive the second and third reports when they are launched.

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