IT Leaders outlook on B2B e‑commerce ‘22/23:

The ripple effect of misaligned B2B e‑commerce

A web store that doesn’t work for your business has an impact that creates even larger problems down the road. See what IT Leaders globally are saying about these negative effects.

IT Leaders outlook on B2B e-commerce ‘22/23

Poor B2B e‑commerce decisions create a ripple effect of impact

Through independent evaluation performed by Sapio Research, the picture of how IT leaders interact with B2B e‑commerce is finally clear.

  • 84% of IT leaders are NOT happy with their current solution.
  • On average, 188 orders are at risk each month due to web store downtime.
  • Over one-third of IT leaders have looked for a replacement B2B e‑commerce solution.

The decision has never been more crucial and IT voices matter more now than ever. This report uses statistics to tell a story about risks and costs when IT leaders don’t critically evaluate their B2B e-commerce options.

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