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The Untold Perspective of IT Leaders

Listen to the voices of IT in 2022. Every two weeks you can tap into the latest trends IT leaders are talking about in B2B e‑commerce. Some of the most innovative IT leaders in the B2B space sit down for a chat with Arno Ham. Together, they spark topical conversations about what their approach to B2B solutions is, how it works, and how it can be applied to any situation.

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Episode 17

Using Existing Business Data to Make Success Simple

Jeremy Jensen, tech professional and former CTO of Southwest Automated Security systems, joins Arno to discuss how fast-changing economies and multiple complex inventory underlined the need for an automated e-commerce solution. Data management created a hurdle for Jeremy and his IT team. Instead of chasing after multiple data fields, SAS integrated their software and simplified their entire data infrastructure and process.

Find out more as he dives deep into how SAS’s B2B requirements could only be met by a B2B-first solution that included all the B2B features they needed to ease the labor burden they were experiencing.

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Episode 16

Instant Pricing Adjustments and the Time-Saving Benefits of Integration

On this week’s episode of B2B E-Commerce Integrated, Arno talks with Marco Stecher of hollu. As Head of IT for this industrial cleaning supplies company, Marco was a key stakeholder in switching hollu’s web store to an ERP integrated solution.

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Episode 15

IT is Now a Business Navigator with B2B E-Commerce

In this special edition of B2B E-Commerce Integrated, Arno hosts a solo session on the latest research that can be found in Sana Commerce’s latest report: The Wave of Business Impact IT Faces in B2B E-Commerce. This recently released report dives into the additional complexity B2B e-commerce can add to IT’s role and what impact that has on the business.

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Episode 14

Staying One Step Ahead of Cyber Threats in B2B

Jort Kollerie from Orange Cyberdefense joins Arno to talk all things security. As the manager of security architecture and services for a firm that helps companies identify and respond to threats online, Jort has relevant advice for B2B organizations looking to protect their data. He talks about the most prominent threats businesses face today such as ransomware, IoT/OT attacks and supply chain attacks. He discusses protections and solutions IT Leaders can employ to face these challenges in 2023 and beyond.

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