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Listen to the voices of IT in 2022. Every two weeks you can tap into the latest trends IT leaders are talking about in B2B e‑commerce. Some of the most innovative IT leaders in the B2B space sit down for a chat with Arno Ham. Together, they spark topical conversations about what their approach to B2B solutions is, how it works, and how it can be applied to any situation.

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Episode 25

Per Bay has seen many ERP implementations and therefore he has an in-depth understanding of how to choose the ERP landscape wisely as an IT leader. As the Product Lead at Cosmo Consult, Per helps customers find the best solution for their specific needs by leveraging his extensive ERP expertise.

In this episode, Per joins Arno to talk about how the e-commerce landscape has changed over time and why the combination of ERP systems together with e-commerce is essential. They discuss the current trends of the ERP landscape and the reasons why ERP systems are vital to centralize, streamline, and scale your business.

Stay tuned until the end to hear his answer to the question which was asked by the previous guest, Michael Vax (Episode 24).

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Episode 24

Levelling Up Your B2B E-Commerce Skillset for Better Adoption

Listen to this episode with Michael Vax to elevate your B2B e-commerce game with the skills and knowledge for better adoption.

Michael has had an extensive career with product architecture and development at companies like Spryker and SAP Hybrids. Now he joins the conversation with Arno to share his insights on B2B trends, e-commerce, and technologies, drawn from more than 35+ years of experience.

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Episode 23

Tackling B2B Complexity and Using ERP Power for Better CX

Arno has a chat with Justin King, VP of B2B & Chief Evangelist for Salsify.

Justin has been spreading the good word about B2B e-commerce since 2007 and talks with Arno about how his message has changed over the years. E-commerce should be foundational to any B2B business’ strategy. But he recognizes the hurdles, particularly when it comes to the complexity of B2B sales.

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Episode 22

How Automation Enables Customer Convenience for Manufacturing E-commerce Success

Curt Anderson is a popular e-commerce coach for manufacturers in the US and he has great, optimistic advice for anyone starting an e-commerce project. They chat about institutional resistance manufacturers often face when beginning with e-commerce, how to tackle large projects in phases, and most importantly, why being solution focused is better than being product focused.

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Episode 21

Mutual Success When Your ERP and E-Commerce are Integrated

It’s a special episode featuring the return of a guest from 2022, Willem Pretorius from Montego Pet Nutrition. Willem takes center stage in this episode as he explains in full detail Montego’s B2B business case. He walks through the challenges they had before ERP integration and how easy it was to set up a web store that converts with ERP-integrated e-commerce.

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