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Listen to the voices of IT in 2022. Every two weeks you can tap into the latest trends IT leaders are talking about in B2B e‑commerce. Some of the most innovative IT leaders in the B2B space sit down for a chat with Arno Ham. Together, they spark topical conversations about what their approach to B2B solutions is, how it works, and how it can be applied to any situation.

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Episode 12

Improving Product Detail Pages with No Extra Work

This week, Arno has a conversation with Sean Stapleton from Lehr Auto in Reno, Nevada. They connected over the phone to talk about how integrating their web store with their ERP lifted the burden of having to manually import product data into the B2B web store. Over 30,000 SKUs were automatically synced and given accurate detail pages via real-time updating and native integration.

  • Sean explains the importance of good content to improve their CX
  • He highlights how automatic syncing of detail pages makes adding more relevant content easier
  • He explains how having a B2B web store that helps with automation has helped ease workload for staff and improved customer adoption

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Episode 11

Finding the Perfect B2B E-Commerce Fit for Your Tech Stack

Sander Berlinski from Valantic joins Arno to talk about how he helps businesses think strategically about e-commerce and software choices. He breaks down his formula for browsing through a large variety of choices and aligning them with business requirements. He empowers clients to understand the wealth of options and terms to find the right fit for them.

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Episode 10

The Fool-proof Recipe for B2B E-Commerce Success

In this episode, Arno has a chat with an old friend, Jouke de Vries. Jouke eats, drinks and sleeps better e-commerce as a freelance e-commerce consultant. He talks about how he champions solutions to get internal and external adopters for a B2B web store. He lists the exact ingredients needed for a successful B2B e-commerce project that delivers.

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Episode 9

Quick Implementation for Fast B2B E-Commerce Results

This week, Arno talks with Richard Musson from Moto Direct. He chats with Arno about how he was able to speed up the implementation of his web store through ERP integration. There was no time wasted on transferring over catalogs and inventory, which enable a full web store launch in just three months.

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