Experience ERP integration for SAP e-commerce

Sana Commerce Cloud is a SAP digital commerce solution built for the B2B use case by integrating directly with your SAP ECC, B1 or S/4HANA ERP.

  • Integrate seamlessly with your SAP ECC, B1 or S/4HANA ERP
  • Show real-time, always-accurate, 24/7 data from your ERP to your web store
  • Give a streamlined and personalized customer experience
  • Easily scale and grow your business across markets

Over 1,500 customers worldwide

Make e-commerce for SAP work as one with your ERP

Centralize all your data by integrating your e-commerce platform with your SAP ERP. A natively integrated web store (like ours) pulls data straight from your ERP. Meaning? You only need to manage data and information in one place: your ERP.

E-commerce ERP integration also allows you to show your ERP data in real time, 24/7 to your web store visitors and customers.

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Sana Commerce Cloud: E-commerce for SAP ERPs

As a certified SAP partner, Sana Commerce works closely with SAP to provide the reliable, end-to-end integration we’re known for. We understand the needs and requirements of SAP ERP users and we align our product development closely with that of SAP.

Our SAP e-commerce solution is fully compatible with the following SAP ERPs

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ERP Integration Diagram

Hear from our customers

Madelyne Velasco Mite
Madelyne Velasco Mite
Technology Manager

Best e-commerce I found that integrates with SAP.

It connects perfectly with our ERP and makes our internal processes so easy. We don’t have to worry about updating the inventory info or stuff like that. The integration is smooth and it also notifies admins when you have an issue with a customer or internal Sana task.

Filip D.
Filip D.
Sales & Communication Assistant

We were able to set up and run a large store in a short time.

The CMS is easy enough for beginners but is also open enough for advanced users to program. The attention to detail when it comes to SEO and minimal setup is a big plus.

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Emily P.
VP, Digital Marketing

A platform that enables growth.

Sana Commerce enabled us to quickly connect to our ERP and empowered our customers to place their own orders. This saved our limited sales team time and resources.

Nicola M.
Nicola M.
Online Sales Manager

Simple to set up and use!

I’m not an IT Manager, but the ease of configuration and use allowed me to create our shop independently. This is a complete and professional tool for businesses with a high level of ERP integration.

Simone C.
Simone C.
Technical Sales

Packed with many features and expandability.

Sana Commerce enables us to offer an exclusive service to many existing customers, giving them the chance to check order status in real-time, see custom prices and availability, and create orders from quotations.

Why should you choose an ERP-integrated e-commerce solution?

By using an e-commerce platform that is built for your SAP ERP, you turn your ERP into a powerful SAP e-commerce platform. It also means that your web store can use the existing business logic and data in your ERP in real time, without requiring you to synchronize the data or maintain a second database.

At Sana Commerce, we specialize in integrated ERP e-commerce for SAP ERPs. This eliminates the hassle of maintaining a complex digital ecosystem pieced together with unreliable patchwork solutions. It guarantees a strong experience for your customers and keeps your business agile and futureproof.

Enhance the customer experience

With your SAP ERP powering your website, the entire quote to order process can be handled online, by customers. Plus, use customer data from your ERP to create personalized marketing experiences.

Accurate information
100% store accuracy, 24/7

You can’t risk displaying incorrect data or subpar store quality to customers. With an e-commerce solution that uses your SAP ERP as its single source of information, consistent data and web store quality are guaranteed.

Boost Conversion
Expand your business

Embrace new markets and be quick to adapt to evolving customer needs. With ERP e-commerce you can adapt quickly to changes, launch swiftly in new regions or markets, and enjoy system upgrades without delays.

See the integration in action

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