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Our Insiders

Catharina Mensak

Content Marketer & Social Media Specialist

Catharina doesn’t just follow social and content trends, she sets them. Her unparalleled experience in omnichannel marketing makes her the perfect resource on how to reach and talk to audiences in the environments they frequent for e-commerce news.

Catherina Mensak

Jessie Chen

Digital Transformation Specialist

Jessie blazes a trail and lights the way for businesses to follow as they digitize their processes. She knows all of the common (and not-so-common) perks and pitfalls companies run into when they adopt an e-commerce model. She is a warm and friendly guide that helps ensure success through e-commerce training.

Jessie Chen

Tim van Hattem

VP of Enterprise

Enterprises have specific needs, and Tim has specific solutions. Whether it is how to achieve standardization across global teams or how to seamlessly integrate with an Enterprise’s tech stack, Tim has the answers. His confident expertise makes him a strong thought leader for all large-scale businesses.

Tim van Hattem

Steven John

Best Practices Specialist

Steven is our “boots-on-the-ground” customer expert. He interacts with various customers all day long, making him the resident expert in best practices that get results for B2B companies. All of Steven’s clients know they are in safe, reliable and forward-thinking care with him.

Steven John

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