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Maximize the power of SAP ECC with integrated e-commerce

A tool that can’t grow with you leads to wasted investment, data silos, and complex processes. Make the most out of your SAP ECC ERP by choosing an e-commerce platform that was made for it.

  • Direct integration with SAP ECC enables real-time updates on complex data, no middleware needed.
  • Built for B2B: complex inventory management, automated pricing calculations, and shorter order to cash cycles.
  • Secure web store that automates manual web store maintenance and updates for future facing organizations.

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The only e-commerce platform made for your SAP ECC ERP

Streamline your core processes with our proven SAP ECC e-commerce solution for B2B manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

Sana Commerce’s out-of-the-box solution offers direct integration with SAP ECC, which means that even if you don’t have the time or budget to implement heavy customizations, you can still count on an ERP-driven, feature-rich web store.

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Sana Commerce Cloud - ERP-Integrated E-Commerce - Demo Video with Sana Commerce Insights

Eliminate the need for middleware 

When we say integrated e-commerce, we mean it. Unlike mainstream e-commerce solutions, you do not need middleware to connect your SAP ECC ERP with Sana Commerce Cloud.

Create web stores built for conversion

Sana Commerce Cloud is equipped with rich core features and functionality — all driven by the data housed in your SAP ERP.

The result? Real-time data from your ERP to your web store that your customers can rely on any time they need.

Experience state of the art security

Sana Commerce implements security best practices (as defined by OWASP) and never stores sensitive information. Our e-commerce software is evaluated, tested and certified by both Lionbridge and SAP.

Secure e-commerce for SAP ERP - Sana Commerce Cloud - ERP-integrated e-commerce for SAP ERP

Unlock next level B2B functionality 

B2B is built differently. That’s why we’ve spent over 15 years creating industry-specific features, including streamlined O2C automation, automated pricing calculations, and more.

E-commerce for your SAP ECC - B2B e-commerce features - Sana Commerce Cloud
Secure e-commerce for SAP ERP - Sana Commerce Cloud - ERP-integrated e-commerce for SAP ERP E-commerce for your SAP ECC - B2B e-commerce features - Sana Commerce Cloud

A leading B2B e-commerce platform and certified SAP partner


customers worldwide

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Sana Commerce named Niche Player in Digital Commerce

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Effortless extensibility with your application tech stack

Configure your e-commerce environment to fit your needs. Our API-first architecture offers flexibility and enables you to build and deploy B2B commerce experiences.

With extension points and add-ons for payment, shipping, PIM, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), CRM, tax determination and more. We can easily build our e-commerce platform within your existing application landscape and ensure you’re able to provide your customers with the experience they’re looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAP ECC?

SAP ECC is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that stands for SAP ERP Central Component. Organizations use SAP ECC to help automate complex processes.

What are the benefits of SAP ECC integrated e-commerce?

Integrating your web store with SAP ECC allows you to eliminate data siloes created by mainstream e-commerce solutions. A single source of truth and two-way real time data syncs enable a web store that is reliable and convenient for your customers to use.

What is the difference between Sana Commerce Cloud and other mainstream e-commerce solutions?

Unlike mainstream e-commerce solutions, Sana Commerce Cloud is truly integrated with SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. There is no need for middleware, and data syncs bi-directionally, leaving you with a single source of truth and eliminating traditional e-commerce errors. Sana Commerce Cloud was built for the B2B use case, with tailored features that can transform your complex business processes into winning results.

When SAP ECC is discontinued will this affect my e-commerce platform?

In 2027, SAP will end support for SAP Business Suite 7. If your web store is built with Sana Commerce, our expert teams can work during your upgradation process to ensure you’re able to replicate your web store customizations within a new connector. Moreover, we can do this with minimal downtime for your web shop – meaning you don’t have to compromise on your customer experience for the sake of digital transformation.

Does Sana Commerce support migrations to SAP S/4HANA?

If you’re migrating to SAP S/4HANA with Sana Commerce, our highly specialized development team works to ensure your project goes smoothly. We work to accommodate your needs into a new SAP S/4HANA connector, ensuring you’re able to maintain a seamless web store for your customers.

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