Grow into market needs with D2C e-commerce

Evolve your traditional business model and embrace higher profit margins, more customer engagement and future-ready digitization with D2C e-commerce.

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Tear down the barriers between your organization and your customers with D2C e-commerce

Many suppliers’ traditional way of doing business (with their retail and wholesale partners) is now costing them revenue, keeping them at arm’s length from their own customers, and making it difficult to keep up with changing demands and increasing disruption.

Though middlemen like retailers do the critical job of getting your products in front of customers, retailers are focused on improving their own strategies for better engagement: leaving suppliers in the dark. Direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce is finally changing things — and giving suppliers direct access to their customer base (for many, for the first time).

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What should you look for in a D2C e-commerce solution?

Switching to D2C sales can have enormous benefits for your organization and your customers. While there are many different types of e-commerce solutions and providers on the market, you need to look for a solution that will prioritize your D2C needs accordingly.

Selling D2C requires an e-commerce solution that will:

  • Make purchasing pain-free, easy and reliable for consumers
  • Provide accurate and reliable data for both your organization and customers
  • Help you stay agile and scalable, so you can continuously grow alongside changing market needs
Total customer convenience
Total customer convenience

Offer unlimited personalization and customer-tailored experiences, plus an optimized checkout flow for a convenient, user-friendly experience that will keep customers coming back.

Reliability without a compromise
Reliability without compromise

Guarantee data accuracy and complete transparency online for a superior customer experience. Plus, enjoy easy, hassle-free order, web store and data management.

Constant evolution
Constant evolution

Offer your customers an efficient solution with a scalable consumer-facing web store, that also lowers operational costs while accelerating revenue growth and customer acquisition.

How does Sana Commerce fit your D2C needs?

We’ve uncovered the best-kept secret of agile, efficient organizations: ERP e-commerce.

With Sana Commerce’s ERP-integrated approach to e-commerce, organizations that once only embraced a B2B business model can extend the possibilities of their business. By choosing us as your D2C e-commerce partner, you get a customer-focused online revenue channel that always displays real-time ERP data, including comprehensive pricing, customer and product information.

By centralizing your approach around your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP system, you can benefit from a unified commerce approach that supports your tried-and-true B2B scenario, while extending your organization into the consumer-facing sales space via consumers’ channel of choice.

Complete insight into logistics

Keep customers informed: track shipments and payments in your ERP and easily share these details with customers. All you have to do is log in to your e-commerce platform.

D2C sales support

We offer our customers targeted support for any existing or changing business model, including expansion into direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales. This allows you to expand your reach and engage new buyers.

Personalized marketing capabilities

With Sana Commerce, thanks to our seamless exchange of information between your web store and ERP, your marketing team can directly manage content and create campaigns targeted to specific customer segments.

Easy-to-navigate design

Maximizing ease-of-use for your online customers is key. With our Sana Commerce, you can depend on an easy-to-navigate web store that’s personalized to your customers’ needs.

Here's what our customers and partners have to say:

“Direct-to-consumer commerce has been enhanced by the explosion of the internet [because] e-commerce provides a more convenient and frictionless buying experience. Organizations that succeed in direct-to-consumer strategies will continue to use technology to differentiate themselves in the digital marketplace.”

Peter Edlund | Chief Solutions Evangelist at DiCentral

“Orders used to be placed via fax or telephone, often with as many as 50-line items… Retailers are now the ones entering orders in the ERP, which is great.”

Willem Krijgsman | IT Specialist at Kippie Read more

“The Sana Commerce platform has been a great win for us, as far as the flexibility and scalability offered to us. We have been able to grow our capabilities and offer greater benefits for our customers on the back end.”

Mike Maloney | VP of Technology at Century Martial Arts


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Sana Commerce Cloud: Your D2C e-commerce solution

Your customers depend on you for a reliable e-commerce solution built to meet their needs. With D2C e-commerce software that works as one with your ERP, you can ensure up-to-date product data, a seamless customer experience and extensive marketing capabilities (especially if you leverage our online marketing support):

  • Boast an attractive web design
  • Personalize your marketing strategy (and track results in Sana Commerce Insights)
  • Support multiple customer roles and authorization levels
  • Launch a fully mobile responsive web store
  • Offer real-time insight into inventory data
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