Sana Commerce: A direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce solution built for your ERP

Evolve your business model and embrace higher profit margins, more customer engagement and future-ready digitization.

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D2C E-commerce

Tear down the barriers between your organization and your customers with D2C e-commerce

Many B2B suppliers’ traditional way of doing business (with their retail and wholesale partners) is now costing them revenue, keeping them at arm’s length from their own customers, and making it difficult to keep up with changing demands and increasing disruption.

Though middlemen like retailers do the critical job of getting your products in front of customers, retailers are focused on improving their own strategies for better engagement: leaving suppliers in the dark. Direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce is finally changing things, and giving suppliers direct access to their customer base (for many, for the first time).

How can you benefit from selling D2C?

While selling D2C requires your organization to take on wholesalers’ or retailers’ responsibilities, as well as your original responsibilities, it comes with major payoffs:

  • Lots more efficiency,
  • More control over your brand,
  • And unlimited access to customers (and customer data insights).

Worried about how this will impact relations with your partners? You may not need to be. Here’s why:

  • All distribution partners benefit from better informed customers
  • Over 50% of manufacturers selling D2C see a positive impact on brand awareness, sales and lead generation, for themselves and their partners.
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D2C E-Commerce

Our ERP-integrated approach to D2C e-commerce unlocks:

  • Total customer convenience: Offer limitless personalization and customer-tailored experiences, plus a B2B-optimized checkout flow: for a convenient and user-friendly experience your customers will come back for time and time again.
  • Reliability without compromise: Guaranteed data accuracy and complete transparency online, for a superior customer experience. And enjoy hassle-free order, web store, and data management.
  • Constant evolution: An efficient solution that offers a scalable consumer-facing web store, lowers operational costs, and accelerates revenue growth and customer acquisition.
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Here's what our customers and partners have to say:

“Direct-to-consumer commerce has been enhanced by the explosion of the internet [because] e-commerce provides a more convenient and frictionless buying experience. Organizations that succeed in direct-to-consumer strategies will continue to use technology to differentiate themselves in the digital marketplace.”

Peter Edlund | Chief Solutions Evangelist at DiCentral

“We have two separate web stores [integrated with] Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Consumers can easily order food in the B2C environment, and there is a separate [B2B] portal for retailers’ orders. This allows Kippie to tailor the portal to each segment’s different needs.”

Sanne Hofman | Responsible for E-Commerce at Kippie Read more

“An important aspect of the Sana Commerce platform that we take advantage of is the ability to customize what is displayed per customer segment. With Sana Commerce, we are able to support a consumer-facing scenario and a B2B scenario, including providing content experiences that are targeted to our audiences.”

Chris Rooney | Business Analyst for E-Commerce at Century Martial Arts


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Century Martial Arts

How Sana Commerce fits direct-to-consumer e-commerce needs

Unmatched flexibility and customer-centricity

Finally, we’ve uncovered the best-kept secret of agile, efficient organizations: ERP e-commerce.

With Sana Commerce’s ERP-integrated approach to e-commerce, organizations that once only embraced a B2B business model can extend the possibilities of their business. By choosing us as your D2C e-commerce partner, you get a customer-focused online revenue channel that always displays real-time ERP data, including comprehensive pricing, customer, and product information. By centralizing your approach around your Dynamics or SAP ERP system, you can benefit from a unified commerce approach that supports your tried-and-true B2B scenario, while extending your organization into the consumer-facing sales space via consumers’ channel of choice.

Avoid complex technical infrastructureimprove order management and logistics, and more with Sana Commerce:

Strategic supply chain partner relationships
Strategic supply chain partner relationships

Rather than being the eliminated middlemen, distributors and retailers can play strategic roles in D2C e-commerce.

Improved customer-centricity
Improved customer-centricity

Take control of your customer relationships to build brand, build trust and leverage customer insights.

agility and future-readiness
More agility and future-readiness

Invest in a strategy that will leave you better prepared to evolve alongside change.

How can Sana Commerce meet your organization’s needs?

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