digital transformation in manufacturing

The 2021 study of digital transformation in manufacturing

Learn to capitalize on digital transformation’s reign with insights from our 2021 Manufacturing & E-Commerce Benchmark Report.

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of manufacturers feel their e-commerce challenges actively deter customers from returning and reordering.


of manufacturers embracing digital improved business agility and speed-to-market as a result.


of manufacturers recognized improved customer relationships as a result of investing in e-commerce and digital.

What you’ll learn from this report:

This year, we commissioned independent research firm, Sapio Research, to survey 800+ manufacturers undergoing digital transformation across a variety of industries in the United States.

We used the insights we gathered to create our 2021 Manufacturing & E-Commerce Benchmark Report.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Why a surprising number of manufacturers are thinking about continued long-term investments in digital strategies
  • Why common e-commerce challenges are impacting not just manufacturers’ customer experience, but customer relationships altogether
  • How manufacturers across industries compare in their digital transformations
  • Why 94% agree that manufacturers will need to change their market strategy in 2021 as a result of the disruption they faced in 2020

Use this never-before-seen data as a benchmark to better understand how your business’ digital transformation stacks up against fellow manufacturers’.

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What e-commerce challenges do manufacturers face?

Just two years ago, only 84% of manufacturers had or were planning to implement an online sales channel. But our latest data shows that, now, as many as 98% have, are implementing, or are planning to implement an online sales channel as part of their digital transformation strategy.

But with e-commerce adoption come e-commerce challenges.

Today, the top e-commerce challenges center around issues customers face while using a manufacturer’s web store, including:

  • Limited product data
  • Inaccurate inventory information
  • Long or complicated checkout process
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Optimizing your supply chain?

Proper supply chain management in e-commerce enables B2B revenue acceleration and improves your customer relationships. Read our blog to learn more.

Why do e-commerce challenges erode B2B relationships?

All manufacturers face some e-commerce challenges while undergoing a digital transformation — and the risk of not addressing them now is greater than ever. In fact, our research shows that the repercussions are much more extensive than lost revenue or poor customer experience. They also diminish manufacturers’ customer relationships.

  • 56% of manufacturers must field more customer service enquiries
  • 46% see diminished customer loyalty and a reduction in reordering
  • 44% see their cost of sale rise

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The Manufacturing & E-Commerce Benchmark Report

Our latest report offers an unbiased, in-depth look at what the digital transformation journey looks like for manufacturers today: one that can serve as a benchmark to help other B2B businesses understand how they stack up.

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  • How digitization is accelerating business agility for manufacturers
  • What steps manufacturers are taking to mitigate e-commerce challenges
  • And what percentage of manufacturers cite efficiency, revenue growth, customer-centricity and a competitive edge as the top benefits of investing in e-commerce (Hint: it’s probably more than you think)