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E-commerce platform for the machinery industry

Looking to increase revenue, reduce your manual workload and have accurate and up-to-date ERP information online? At Sana Commerce, we empower you to do all that by making your SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP and e-commerce work as one.

Our e-commerce solution uses all the product data and industry-specific business logic you have stored in your ERP in real-time. But of course, to be able to have all this information displayed on your web store in real-time, you need to make sure all the information in your ERP is set up correctly.

Together, with our extensive experience in machinery e-commerce and a large portfolio of machinery and supplies customers, our solution unlocks 3 main benefits that allow you to foster lasting relationships with your customers.

Make buying easy for your customers

Allow your customers to order anytime, anywhere with personalized self-service and complete transparency with a web store that:


Customer-specific pricing, order history, assortments, shipping addresses and more personalization are all available, out of the box.

Personalized marketing

Bar code ordering

It’s as simple as scanning a bar code and your customers can order the pipe, knot, bolt they have in hand.

Bar code ordering

Up-to-date information

Customers can access real-time information on inventory levels, their online and offline orders, as well as more ERP information. Your customers can also see when sold out items will be back in-stock. This builds trust with your audience because they know they can trust your information.

Machinery up-to-date

24/7 ordering & reordering functionalities

Customers can easily order items without emailing or calling sales representatives and with just one click reorder any items they’ve previously purchased on your web store.

Re-ordering functionalities

Display inventory for multiple locations

For even more precision, you can choose to split and show inventory information by warehouse or “click and collect” location.

In-store Pickup
Personalized marketing Bar code ordering Machinery up-to-date Re-ordering functionalities In-store Pickup

Estimate how you can improve your sales, operations and bottom line with Sana Commerce.

Reduce order errors

Give your customers a reliable online experience and eliminate errors and delays, so they have the right supplies when they need it.

Real-time inventory information
Real-time inventory information

Thanks to ERP and e-commerce working as one, your web store only lets you sell what’s available in the ERP, with inventory levels updated in real-time.

Instant custom quotes

Stop wasting time creating custom quotes. When your ERP and e-commerce work as one, your web store can show the correct delivery time and pricing based on the ERP logic.

Reliable bulk pricing

Because your ERP and e-commerce work as one, your prices are always up-to-date and 100% reliable for all bulk orders that your machinery customers make.

Keep the competitive edge

Quickly and easily adapt your business to exceed your machinery and supplies customers’ evolving expectations and the latest industry trends.

  • Quick go-to-market: Have a new product in stock? Quickly add it into your ERP and it can be displayed immediately in your e-commerce catalog.
  • Easily integrate with other systems: In addition to your ERP, integrate your e-commerce with your Product Information Management (PIM) system and any other industry-specific systems to provide customers with even more in-depth product information.
  • Easily internationalize your business: Open more web stores to cater to new markets, or even standalone e-commerce sites, for your biggest machinery customers — which can all be managed from the same admin panel.
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“The number of customers ordering via the online store has grown at a steady rate. We have seen a shift in the order intake channel from manual processing via telephone, mail and fax to the web store (about 15%).”

Sophie Fischer | Project Management After Sales at HOBART Read more

“An efficient web store contributes significantly to relieving our team of routine tasks with regard to the processing of orders and enables us to provide our customers with individual services and personal communication on complex issues.”

Daniel Sajko | Marketing Director at tewipack Read more

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