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Enable online marketing best practices in your web store by leveraging our Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP integration.

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First things first: Why online marketing?

Despite spending more and more of their budget on lead generation every year, marketers still struggle to gather, engage and convert their web visitors. A strong online marketing strategy is critical to overcoming this challenge; it’s an opportunity to drive new (and more) traffic to your web store. Expand your reach and drive conversions through our advanced online marketing functionalities.

It will also allow you to:

  • Strengthen your SEO approach
  • Increase prospect engagement with stronger web content and a better online customer experience
  • Increase your visitors’ average time on site
  • Boost your average order value
  • Enable data-driven decision-making
  • Maximize the return on your marketing spend

Fortunately, with Sana Commerce Cloud, online marketing is made simple — thanks to our tight Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP integration, and our broad toolkit of marketing capabilities (all informed by today’s industry best practices and personalized based on your ERP data).

Online marketing made easy with Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce provides marketers with the foundation for an optimized web store, with integrations to email marketing tools and more. This can help marketers achieve critical goals, including improving the following e-commerce areas:

Online marketing
Online engagement

Successful online marketing can help drive engagement from otherwise-passive web store visitors. This includes the opportunity to boost traffic and conversions, and cross-sell and up-sell your customers. Sana Commerce can help drive this conversion optimization.

No need to DIY e-commerce
Customer experience

An optimal online customer experience is largely dependent on the availability of a 24/7 complete service portal, accurate product information and ease of purchase. With Sana Commerce, your ERP can allow you to do just that.

Long-term cost efficiency

Thanks to Sana Commerce’s ERP integration, your business can become more efficient by leveraging online marketing in your web store. Make it easier for customers to buy, achieve more with your existing team and reduce order errors with Sana Commerce.

Overview: Sana Commerce Cloud marketing capabilities

Our wide range of online marketing capabilities means you can make improvements to your e-commerce experience across search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), conversion optimization, email marketing/marketing automation, web analytics and marketing intelligence, and display/social media advertising.

Sana Commerce Cloud’s online marketing capabilities are easily configurable directly in the admin panel, or are enriched and powered by your ERP data (via Sana Admin).

Among the specific functionalities that make Sana Commerce Cloud’s online marketing capabilities great are:


When it comes to SEO, marketers have one clear goal: to ensure their business’ web store is easily indexable by search engines to improve search results on organic results. To do so, industry best practices include: improving your e-commerce platform (with Sana Commerce Cloud, this is already taken care of), keyword research, content optimization, and link building. This is standard with any online marketing agency but what distinguishes Sana Commerce Cloud?

  • A unique SEO-friendly filtering system (which dynamically changes your URL and H1 tags as your visitor filters search results in your site, allowing you to rank higher as part of your long-tail SEO strategy)
  • Include rich snippets in search results (such as customer reviews and ratings) – which can result in a higher click-through rate (CTR) and lower bounce rate
  • XML sitemaps (that are also available internationally and able to be customized by Sana clients).
  • Robots.txt that is directly adaptable from your CMS (for controlled indexing and better link value distribution)
  • Valid HTML and fast web store load speed


Optimize your paid advertising. With Sana Commerce Cloud, you can increase your paid traffic by using Google Ads in combination with your product feed. You can also connect Sana Commerce Cloud to other services, like Channable or DataFeedWatch, to publish products to other web stores and search engines or to marketplaces for even more traffic. This is an approach often recommended by consultants and experts.

Sana makes it simple by connecting with services and marketplaces including (but not limited to):

SCC marketing capabilities - list of integrated marketplaces

Conversion optimization

Remove the limiting factors and blockers in your buyers’ purchase funnel by executing a continuous process of gathering data, experimenting with optimization tactics, and adapting based on measurable results. With the online marketing capabilities built into Sana Commerce Cloud, you can use your analytics to find and eliminate bottlenecks in the purchase funnel.

To maximize conversions at checkout for instance, Sana Commerce Cloud allows you to:

  • Enable multi-step/one-step/guest checkout
  • Enable/disable terms and agreements
  • Hide (distracting) product images on the checkout page

Email marketing and marketing automation

Increase engagement and conversions on email campaigns with Sana Commerce Cloud. Our out-of-the-box solution supports leading tools like Mailchimp and Dotdigital. Here’s a visualization of how this connection results in a stronger email engagement approach toward your customers:

SCC marketing capabilities - email automation

Web analytics and marketing intelligence

To optimize your buyer’s experience, you must first get the right insights into the customer journey. To help your business do this, Sana Commerce Cloud uses:

  • A universal analytics code
  • Supports Google Tag Manager
  • Enables enhanced e-commerce out of the box (including cross-device tracking, shopping behavior analysis, paying behavior analysis, cost importing, returns, etc.)

You can also tailor web store experiences based on ERP data. This means your data, including customer type, location, order amount, page type, impressions – can all be used in various scenarios, including:

  • Placing tracking HTML
  • Placing banners
  • Show external customer reviews based on scenarios

Display and Social Media Advertising

Increase web traffic by using display and social media advertising, like LinkedIn and Facebook ads, with Sana Commerce Cloud. Activity and progress from your social selling initiatives can be tracked with tracking pixels (via HTML injections) directly from Sana admin, or by leveraging our out-of-the-box integration with Google Tag Manager.

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