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Discover how Story Fresh managed to increase its weekly orders from 10 to 300 with the help of ERP integrated e-commerce.

  • Fourth-generation, family-owned, vegetable farming and processing business
  • Located in South-East Queensland, Australia
  • Focuses on delivering the safest, freshest, and highest quality fresh-cut produce to its customer


increased from 10 to 300 per week


customer satisfaction


efficiency and reduced error rate

The challenge

Serving hundreds of customers daily instead of ten

When a large distributor Story Fresh worked with, shut its doors on short notice. The company knew it needed to find an online solution to the problem, and fast. Story Fresh had previously only been taking 10-12 daily orders. But it now had to think of ways it could easily interact with customers and take over 300 or more daily orders. Story Fresh concluded that a web store would be the perfect solution.

Story Fresh Challenge

A large distributor we worked with shut its doors with just a 2 weeks’ notice. We still wanted to supply our end customers but now there were over 300 customers instead of 10 distributors. We had to figure out how to communicate with our customers efficiently, and how to take 100+ daily orders and invoicing. That’s when we knew we needed an e-commerce system. Sana Commerce was the ideal solution to fix our problem in a short amount of time.

Nathan Story | Automation Engineer at Story Fresh

The solution

ERP-integrated web store live in 2 months

“We considered a custom-built web store. But we had little time to get everything up and running.  So, we felt that Sana Commerce’s ERP integrated out-of-the-box platform had all the features we were looking for and with it, we were able to get our web store up and running quickly”, says Nathan Story, Automation Engineer at Story Fresh.

“All-in-all the implementation process was great. I was able to do the Sana University training program in my own time. It was easy to understand how it worked. Sana had good out-of-the-box functionality and it didn’t take me long to understand it, implement it and train some of my staff on how to use it,” says Story.

Sana Commerce enables us to better service our customers. They can now order 24/7, see live pricing and review their order history. From a data entry perspective, Sana is excellent. We can now take a lot more orders, and it still saves us time. We now even take orders later in the day and still fulfill these because all the data entry is automated.

Nathan Story | Automation Engineer at Story Fresh

The results

Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction

  • Increased efficiency: “Sana has given us more visibility and saved us a lot of time. It has also simplified things for us because everything is now streamlined. There are fewer administrative tasks because of the automation, which has taken the pressure off our staff,” says Story.
  • Decreased data entry error: “We no longer have data entry errors because the web store integrates with our Microsoft NAV ERP. Everything is up-to-date and live, in both our ERP system and our web store,” says Story.
  • Able to reach more customers and increased customer satisfaction: “Not only can we reach more customers now with our new web store, but Sana has enabled us to better serve our end customers, instead of having to deal with the middleman. Our customers like the web store because it’s so straightforward and easy to use. Customers can access their order history and they immediately receive an e-mail confirmation of their order,” says Story.

The future

Tips from Story Fresh

Thinking about getting started with e-commerce? Here is some advice from Story Fresh: “If you’re thinking about e-commerce then just start with it! With e-commerce you can reach more customers, for us it’s opened so many doors. For Story Fresh, it’s only been a positive experience. The web store only shows each customer the relevant products from our range, so it keeps it really simple on the customer end and our end – making sure everyone orders the right product and receives the right product every time,” says Story.

How’s e-commerce helping you through COVID-19?

“E-commerce will be immensely valuable moving forward. A lot of our customers have been shut down, but there is still a high demand for our products. We now need to find ways to reach new consumers and e-commerce will play a vital role in this period. I think we need to figure out how to shift to a B2C, D2C approach and I think e-commerce is going to be integral to achieve this,” says Story.

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