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Provide a better customer experience with a reliable platform that also lets you cut down on tedious and inefficient administrative tasks.

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Why should established wholesalers
choose Sana Commerce?

Today, wholesalers want technology to drive growth, improve processes, reduce business complexity and offer customers an experience that will strengthen the business-buyer relationship. An ERP-integrated web store sets your wholesale business up for success in these technology-driven times by providing your customers with an exceptional experience, efficient operations and streamlined management processes.

A Sana Commerce solution uses your Dynamics or SAP ERP data to build out a web store that not only delights your customers, but that also drives more sales, allowing your business to avoid fragmented processes and disjointed e-commerce efforts.

Total customer convenience

Allow your customers to order anytime, anywhere with personalized self-service and complete transparency with a web store that ensures:

  • Hyper-personalization: Customer-specific pricing, order history, assortments, shipping addresses and more personalization are all available, out of the box.
  • No delayed or (too) early delivery: With real-time ERP integration, you’ll no longer have missing, incorrect or delayed orders. This ensures you deliver the right materials at the promised time.
  • Up-to-date information: Customers can access real-time information on inventory levels, their online and offline orders, as well as more ERP information. Your customers can also see when sold out items will be back in stock. This builds trust with your audience because they know they can rely on your information.
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Learn how our ERP-integrated solution centralizes your data so you can focus on the future.

Reliability without compromise

Give your customers a reliable online experience and eliminate errors and delays, so your customers always have the correct information and orders.

Simplified order processing and fulfillment
Simplified order processing and fulfillment

Leverage real-time data from your ERP to get your products from warehouse to end-user as quickly as possible.

Better flexibility and visibility of operations
Better flexibility and visibility of operations

Use your ERP data to streamline and automate processes, gain visibility into supply chain operations and adapt to scale down the line.

Happier, more empowered customers
Happier, more empowered customers

Provide an online channel perfect for manufacturers’ buyers, with self-service options like invoice management and delivery tracking.

Constant evolution

Quickly and easily adapt your wholesale business to meet and exceed your customers’ evolving expectations.

  • Fast go-to-market: Easily add product lines to react to new trends and seasonal demands, or to expand your current product offering.
  • Ever-evolving, out-of-box features: An e-commerce solution that is constantly changing alongside your customers’ needs and wholesale industry trends.
  • Tackle direct-to-consumer challenges head-on: Ensure that your resellers have unmatched, on-demand access to your business and products.

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See our platform in action

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“Many of our customers have fixed discounts, and now we can display those kinds of personalization in the web store. After an order has been placed, the system automatically sends a confirmation. Not only that, but regular customers can access a lot of extra information via the web portal, such as order history and invoices, without having to call or email our internal sales department.”

Michiel Krautli | Managing Director at Krautli Read more

Integrated e-commerce designed to meet your industry needs

See how an integrated web store with Sana Commerce can help organizations address unique challenges across any industry.


Automate your ordering processes with integrated e-commerce, and further enhance the experience with EDI.


The chemical industry is one of the most diverse manufacturing industries. Learn how our e-commerce solution and industry specialists can help.


Offer one easy-to-navigate online sales channel to provide accurate product specifications for thousands of products.


Sell electronics equipment with an ERP-integrated web store that displays accurate product specifications and real-time pricing.

Machinery supplies

Increase revenue, reduce your manual workload and have accurate, up-to-date ERP information online 24/7 to accommodate your customers' needs.

Medical supplies

Stay compliant and efficiently manage your urgent orders with always, accurate, real-time stock information.

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