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Provide a better customer experience with a reliable platform that also lets you cut down on tedious and inefficient administrative tasks.

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Why should established wholesalers choose Sana Commerce?

Today, wholesalers want technology to drive growth, improve processes, reduce business complexity and offer customers an experience that will strengthen the business-buyer relationship.

A Sana Commerce solution uses your Dynamics or SAP ERP data to build out a web store that not only delights your customers, but that also drives more sales, and allows your business to avoid fragmented processes and disjointed e-commerce efforts.

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Together with our complex pricing, our large number of SKUs presents a challenge because we want a strong e-commerce experience that’s fast and populates accurate data. We [also] have to be able to support a consumer-facing and a [complex] B2B scenario. We leaned into a Sana solution because we needed one that could support —out of the box—the pricing engine that exists in [Dynamics AX].
Chris Rooney | Business Analyst for E-Commerce at Century Martial Arts
We chose Sana because there wasn’t any need for additional work. With Sana being a certified SAP Business One partner, [ERP data was] integrated automatically and in real-time, thus maximizing our efficiency.
Jason Hummert | Director of Marketing at Hummert International
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Microsoft Dynamics and SAP-powered e-commerce: for your industry

Choosing Sana as your wholesale e-commerce platform means you can address your supply chain optimization needs as well as any industry-specific challenges for:

Automotive Automotive
Construction Construction
Electronics Electronics
Food and Beverage Food and Beverage
Home goods & Furnishing Home goods & Furnishing
Medical supplies Medical supplies
  • Automotive


    Sell countless auto parts online, easily, and integrate with EDI for further enhancement.
  • Construction


    No matter how complex the product, give clients the information they need (from your ERP) to find the right component.
  • Electronics


    No matter how complex the product, give clients the information they need (from your ERP) to find the right component.
  • Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage

    Ensure product quality and keep clients updated on their orders, which is especially critical for perishable food and drinks.
  • Home goods & Furnishing

    Home Goods and Furnishing

    Manage your product variants in your web store with clear overviews, and even enhance the experience with a product configurator.
  • Medical supplies

    Medical Supplies

    Efficiently manage your urgent orders with real-time inventory information (from your ERP) that you can count on to always be accurate.

A reliable online channel built to support wholesalers’ business goals

With Sana, you can put your trust in a wholesale e-commerce platform that extends the capabilities of your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP system to power efficient, user-friendly web stores. These Sana web stores drive online business success and allow you to benefit from:

Simplified order processing and fulfillment

Leverage real-time data from your ERP to get your products from warehouse to end-user as quickly as possible.

Better flexibility visibility of operations

Use your ERP data to streamline and automate processes, gain visibility into supply chain operations, and adapt to scale down the line.

Happier, more empowered customers

Provide an online channel perfect for manufacturers’ buyers, with self-service options like invoice management and delivery tracking.

What you’ll gain with Sana as your wholesale e-commerce platform

Choosing Sana Commerce as your wholesale e-commerce partner allows you to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges (like direct-to-consumer sales) head on.

Ensure that your resellers have unmatched, on-demand access to your business and products with an online channel that offers real-time pricing and inventory data, directly from your ERP as well as:

  • Integration with your ERP for centralized data management
  • Increased visibility across supply chain operations
  • Personalize your client experiences based on customer-specific catalogs to special authorizations per user.

E-commerce for Dynamics E-commerce for SAP

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Century Martial Arts’ Sana web store was implemented in 90 days and now drives over 40% of their B2B wholesale business.

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