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The chemicals e-commerce marketplace is competitive

The speed of digitalization within the chemicals industry has accelerated by 56% since the pandemic. Are you doing enough to keep up with the competition?

Chemical companies’ net-zero targets, whether driven by government demands or customer preferences, will require new investments across the full chemical value chain. Maximized cost efficiency in back-office functions will be key to freeing up funds to finance those investments while maintaining profitability.

Dr. Bernd Elser, Senior Managing Director – Global Lead For Chemicals And Natural Resources, Accenture

With an ERP-integrated solution (like Sana Commerce’s), you can reduce the time and resources you need to serve customers throughout the full purchase journey – despite changing policies and tight regulations.

Research shows that 70% of chemicals e-commerce buyers spend their purchase journey in the research phase – provide your customers with the purchase-critical information they need to place orders.

With Sana Commerce, you can manage large and complex orders easily, and leverage real-time data in your web store to include features such as:

  • Chemical ingredient transparency (i.e., formula details)
  • Unit of measure conversions
  • Real-time inventory and pricing
  • Shelf-life and expiration date information
  • Co-products and by-product details
  • Product packaging information

An e-commerce solution that understands the chemical industry’s needs

Looking to simplify your complex business and effortlessly sell online? The chemicals industry is one of the most diverse manufacturing industries and it can be difficult to find an e-commerce solution that understands your requirements and customer needs. The key to success in this niche market is to find an e-commerce provider with knowledge and experience in the industry.

With our chemicals e-commerce knowledge and portfolio of companies in the chemicals industry, our solution unleashes 3 main benefits that allow you to create a web store that simplifies your complex products/processes and helps strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Make buying easy for your customers

Make buying chemicals online easier for your customers so they can order anytime, anywhere with a personalized self-service web store with the following capabilities.

Powerful page editor and designer

Create visually pleasing storefronts and offer products and content tailored to your customers’ needs.

Provide customers with custom quotes

Let your web store do the heavy lifting and create custom quotes for customers based on all the logic stored in your ERP.

In-store pick-up

Give your customers the opportunity to pick-up at a store, vault or PO box.

Essential documentation online

Your Sana Commerce web store allows you to display all crucial safety documentation that’s stored online in your ERP. This makes it convenient for customers to get advice and guidance about your products, all while freeing up your customer support staff’s time.

Estimate how you can improve your sales, operations and bottom line with Sana Commerce.

Reduce order errors

Give your customers a reliable online experience and eliminate errors and delays, so your customers have the right supplies when they need them.

Error elimination
Elimination of errors and no more delayed or (too) early deliveries

Get rid of siloed data and order errors, like missing, delayed or too early orders. With your ERP and e-commerce working as one, your operations will run smoothly.

Real-time inventory information
24/7 real-time stock information

Your customers can access real-time information on stock levels, view their online and offline orders and ERP information. They can also see when sold-out items will be back in-stock. This helps build trust with your customers because they know they can trust your online information.

user-friendly web design
User-friendly web design

Create personalized storefronts and offer products and content tailored to your customer needs by using our drag and drop elements. Style your web store background or animate your rows all while immediately seeing the effects of your proposed changes.

Keep the competitive edge

Keep up with the dynamic world of chemicals e-commerce and adapt to your customers’ ever-evolving needs.

  • Fast go-to-market: Now when you add new goods to your catalog you no longer need to print out physical catalogs to include those products. Anything that’s added to your ERP can be displayed immediately in your online web store catalog.
  • Quickly integrate with multiple systems: Our e-commerce platform allows you to effortlessly integrate your e-commerce, not just with your ERP, but also with a Product Information Management (PIM) system and with any other industry-specific systems. Give your customers access to all the rich product information you have stored in multiple systems.
  • No disruptions: ERP, PIM and chemicals catalog system upgrades do not result in disruptions and delays.
  • Ever-evolving, out-of-the-box features: An e-commerce solution that is constantly changing alongside your customers’ needs and industry trends.
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“The online store is the result of the changing purchasing and ordering behavior of our customers. Here, the demand for hybrid access to our services is increasing — on the one hand, through personal expert consultations with our hollu employees on site; on the other hand, via the availability of our services 24/7. We are finally able to offer exactly this to our customers.”

Markus Wendlinger | Managing Director of Sales & Service at hollu Systemhygiene GmbH Read more

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