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Make it easy for your clients to find the right electronics equipment and components among thousands of products with a user-friendly web store.

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Why make Sana Commerce your e-commerce platform for electronics?

Organizations that manufacture, distribute or sell electronics know how much of a challenge it is to deal with short product lifecycles that are subject to frequent feature changes, which poses a challenge even if you’re only selling offline.

But with a Sana Commerce ERP-integrated web store, you can streamline your business operations and cut costs while taking advantage of the opportunities our solution has to offer (including improved business and sales efficiency).

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With Sana Commerce, we’ve doubled our online sales. Placing orders automatically instead of manually not only saves a lot of time, it eliminates potential mistakes during the order process.
Florian Rindberger | Head of IT at Rauch Import
Now that we have an appealing [e-commerce platform, we can add pictures and product descriptions [to our web store for better online marketing] in a matter of minutes.
Marien van Veelen | Director at Vedotec

A reliable e-commerce platform to help you meet the needs of the electronics industry

For businesses in the electronics industry, e-commerce may seem like a daunting undertaking that risks adding complexity to existing processes. With Sana’s ERP-integrated approach, however, you can mitigate common challenges associated with an online channel that helps customers:

Easily find electrical products

How? By using product classifications and relationships as defined in your ERP system for your online electronics store. Finding the right component among thousands couldn’t be easier.

View 100% accurate product specifications

How can clients know they’re ordering the right electronic device? It’s simple: an integrated sales portal displays only up-to-date and accurate product data from your ERP.

See price changes reflected instantly

An integrated sales portal automatically displays the right price, no matter how recently you updated it in your ERP system or how frequently it changes.

The advantages of ERP e-commerce for electronics with Sana Commerce

A Sana Commerce solution, integrated with your ERP system, can help you leverage ERP data and e-commerce to maneuver complex supply chain networks in the electronics industry and keep up with the competition in your market. Our unique approach allows you to:

  • Eliminate data siloes and web store maintenance
  • Reduce warehousing, inventory, and logistics costs
  • Increase flexibility in your supply chain management (SCM)

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