Sana Commerce for automotive and auto parts e-commerce

Choose a commerce platform you can rely on — enhanced with real-time ERP data— To make it easy for your clients to find and order the exact spare part they need.

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Why sell automotive spare parts online with Sana?

If you sell countless auto replacement parts, you know how challenging it is to manage so much detailed product information and also guarantee visibility for your entire catalog (from OEM to original parts). E-commerce for the automotive industry is the perfect answer, and with a Sana web store, you’re using all product data from your Dynamics or SAP ERP to make sure your web store data is always accurate.

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We now have full control over the web store. An internal IT employee is always available to implement changes. Particularly when it comes to sales and marketing, we’ve noticed the immediate advantage, but also if there are mistakes or irregularities, we can adjust them much more quickly.
Michiel Krautli | Managing Director at Krautli

A dependable commerce platform to help you meet the needs of the automotive industry

No longer worry about digitizing complex processes, or managing logistics being an issue as you work to give customers the omnichannel experiences they want. With Sana, you can count on a reliable commerce platform that allows you to:

Help clients find the perfect part

It can be hard to find the right part among thousands. Launching e-commerce for auto parts with an online sales portal makes it easy (using product data stored in your ERP).

Let your sales team focus on what matters

Sell online and keep personal client contact. Online orders are processed automatically, giving you time to focus on your customers.

Stay in control of product information

To reduce data management complexity, the real-time connection between your sales portal and ERP displays only up-to-date information in your web store.

Considering Sana as your e-commerce partner? Here’s what you’ll gain.

With Sana, any business from automotive manufacturers to spare parts wholesalers can embrace digitization and the e-commerce opportunity — without worrying about large product assortments, complex sales processes, or product and pricing data management posing a challenge.

Our ERP-integrated auto parts e-commerce solution lets organizations in your industry benefit from:

  • Visibility and efficiency across business operations
  • Streamlined fulfillment cycles
  • Better supply chain management
  • Online channel for customer self-service

E-commerce for Dynamics E-commerce for SAP

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