Automotive e-commerce: Get an online store built for your industry

Accurately display your entire product offering to customers with native integration that connects seamlessly with your ERP and PIM systems.

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E-commerce platform for the automotive and auto parts use case

At Sana Commerce, we have the automotive and auto parts industry expertise to deliver a web store that meets your customer and business needs. Our e-commerce solution is built directly into your SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP, to leverage its vast amount of data and functionalities, without replication or manual synchronizations. We offer extensive, out-of-the-box, specialist e-commerce features, as well as customizations and catalog integrations specific to the automotive industry.

This means that we can get you on the road quickly, with an automotive e-commerce solution that fits your requirements and prioritizes your customer relationships, through the following 3 key benefits:

Make buying easy for your customers

Empower your customers with personalized self-service and complete transparency with these automotive e-commerce features.

Hyper-personalized web store

Customer-specific pricing, documentation, online and offline order history, spare parts assortments, shipping addresses and more personalization are all available.

Personalized marketing

Exploded views

Let customers zoom in and out, rotate and take things apart to find the exact auto part they’re looking for.

Exploded Views


From make/model/year to registration plate and usage specification filters, make it easy for customers to find the parts they need.


Product groupings

Group relevant products together so customers can find everything they need in one place.

Product Groupings

Self-service documentation portal

Give customers direct access to automotive documentations, instructive videos and drawings within the e-commerce portal.

Documentation portal
Personalized marketing Exploded Views Filters Product Groupings Documentation portal

Estimate how you can improve your sales, operations and bottom line with Sana Commerce.

Reduce order errors

Deliver a reliable online experience and eliminate errors to get (end-)customers back on the road quickly and prevent loss of revenue.

Display inventory for multiple warehouses

For even more precision and relevancy, you can choose to split and show inventory information by warehouse location.

Real-time inventory information
Real-time inventory information

Thanks to ERP and e-commerce working as one, your web store only lets you sell what’s available in the ERP, with inventory levels updated in real-time.

Integration with other system logic
Integration with other system logic

Integrating your e-commerce with your PIM, ERP and vehicle database and catalog systems, such as TecDoc, Autoinfo and xChecker, ensures customers see all necessary information and can order in one place.

Keep the competitive edge

Quickly and easily adapt your business to meet and exceed your customers’ evolving expectations and the latest automotive industry trends.

  • Fast go-to-market: New products and auto parts added into your ERP can be displayed immediately in your e-commerce catalog.
  • Easily add multiple web stores: Bring new web stores live quickly to cater to new markets or even standalone e-commerce sites for your biggest automotive client(s) — all managed from the same admin panel.
  • No disruptions: ERP, PIM and automotive catalog system upgrades do not result in disruptions or delays.
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Moto Direct

“Having that out-of-the-box integration, where we didn’t need to replicate all our business processes on the website, was a huge time saver for Moto Direct. We love the Sana product because it’s really hands off. We don’t need to worry about the day-to-day management of data and other such tedious tasks.”

Sean Hefferin | Supply Chain Manager at Moto Direct


faster implementation vs. Magento


lower TCO compared to Magento


increase in online export orders
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Moto Direct

“We now have full control over the web store. An internal IT employee is always available to implement changes. Particularly when it comes to sales and marketing, we’ve noticed the immediate advantage, but also if there are mistakes or irregularities, we can adjust them much more quickly.”

Michiel Krautli | Managing Director at Krautli Read more

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