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Drive B2B
web store adoption

Empower your buyers and increase your B2B web store adoption rates with self-service tools and a fully personalized customer experience.

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Bring your web store adoption to the next level

Secure your investment and set up your customers for success. Sana Commerce Cloud provides the tools to automate workflows and support self-service buying. Our convenient and personalized platform attracts new customers and encourages repeat orders online.

  • Retain customers by setting them up for success. Create account logic, offer secure login, and roll out effective onboarding campaigns.
  • Optimize customer experience with self-service and personalization to increase adoption.
  • Increase revenue through upsell and cross-sell marketing campaigns, turning first-time buyers into loyal customers.

Onboard customers

Set your customers up for success

Once you’ve built your web store, your next challenge is to onboard your customers to a new way of buying or to a new platform. Sana Commerce Cloud has various functionalities to set your customers up for success.

Account creation

Import your customer list to easily create web store accounts in a few clicks or give them the autonomy to create an account themselves (with or without validation required).

Account roles

Set user roles and permissions to manage access and ensure a secure and reliable buying process.

Account linking

Link multiple user accounts to one customer account to adapt to diverse needs and requirements.

Account impersonation

Impersonate an account to give your sales team the opportunity to support, guide or place an order on behalf of the customer.

Account security

Guarantee a secure and fast login with Single Sign On (SSO) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Account targeting

Prepare the go-live of your web store by exporting customer lists and sending targeted email campaigns via 3rd party plug-ins.

Drive adoption

Empower customer self-service

Increase web store adoption with self-service capabilities that enable your customers to order by themselves, anytime, anywhere. From accessing their order history to personalizing a complex product, customers can confidently use your web store while keeping their existing terms and conditions. Completing an order without the intervention of a sales representative has never been so easy.

Personalized experience

Tailor your customer's online experience by setting up customer segments, assortments, pricing, and discounts. The personal account dashboard provides your customers with a centralized database of all sales documents and order history, whether they come from the web store or directly from the ERP.

Smart search & discovery

Make it easy for your buyers to navigate and find what they’re looking for with our smart search & discovery capabilities, which combines algorithms with data from the ERP, PIM and the web store.

Product configurator

Our Product configurator integration features dynamic and 3D renderings to make it easy for your buyers to visually configure and personalize products, making purchasing faster and reducing returns.


Your customer can request a quote or finalize an order. Expedite the checkout process in a single page while providing transparency and flexibility in taxes, shipping and payment.

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Customer loyalty

Turn first-time buyers into loyal customers

Secure your web store investment by driving customer loyalty and keep buyers coming back. Sana Commerce Cloud provides the tools to increase your average order value through reordering, upsell and cross-sell capabilities. Benefit from actionable insights on customer online behavior, such as abandoned baskets, to finalize orders and boost sales.

Repeat orders

Our automation tools facilitate repeat orders, enabling buyers to easily re-order a past purchase, sign up for a subscription, or transform a wish list into an order.

Upsell & cross-sell

Encourage upsell and cross-sell opportunities with product suggestions or mix and match offers.


Maintain interest in future releases and out-of-stock products by enabling the pre-order functionality.

Customer discounts

Reward loyal customers by setting up various discount logics, such as customer discounts, order discounts or free shipping.

Advanced Analytics

Opt for our Advanced Analytics tool for extensive insights on product and customer performance, providing your teams with intelligence to act on.

See what our customers have to say

“With Sana Commerce in place, we’ve noticed some real wins: more registrations, increased sales through our website, and a nice bump in average order value. Plus, our sales team is spending less time on the phone.”

Dionne Banks, Marketing Director at Claygate Read more
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“Sana’s web store has been a game-changer for us. With in-depth product descriptions, seamless upselling, and integrated Salesforce, we’ve elevated our sales strategies and effortlessly generate customer leads. It’s a testament to the power of innovation in transforming our business.”

Jai Baek, Marketing & Creative Director at United Pacific Read more

“A state-of-the-art customer experience is a key goal for PALFINGER. In order to consistently live up to our high standards, we decided to improve this experience significantly.”

Ramböck Florentine, E-Commerce Manager at PALFINGER Read more
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Customer web stores have seen a...

increase in user accounts

increase in daily order processing with 20% less staff

less calls for customer service

Drive B2B web store adoption

Boost conversion and sales volume with Sana Commerce Cloud.