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Keeping up with digital trends: How ParTech is staying one step ahead of the competition.

  • Specialists within hydraulic components and system solutions
  • Certified Parker Premier Distributor since 1999
  • Customer-centric approach and product knowledge sets them apart
  • Small and mid-sized business primarily servicing Norway, but also Europe and North America

Improved overall

customer satisfaction


web store implementation

Custom features & design

created for this niche market

The goal

Laying the pipeline for future-facing e-commerce

As B2B e-commerce gains popularity in Norway, more and more B2B companies are changing to keep up with the trends. ParTech is hoping to do the same within the hydraulics industry by being early adopters of future-facing e-commerce technology.

Prior to working with Sana Commerce, they were operating on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 with a different e-commerce provider. The convenience of an integrated solution was key, which is something they weren’t getting from their previous e-commerce provider.

ParTech specifically not only wanted to display stock availability and order information to their customers, but also enable them to use this information constructively to place orders. As a small and mid-sized business, customer relationships are a fundamental part of ParTech’s business. So, it was important that they utilize a long-lasting e-commerce solution that could evolve with their customers and business goals as a growing company.

The solution

Self-service for total customer (and employee) convenience

ParTech chose Sana Commerce for three key reasons: the integrated ERP, more relevant ERP functionalities and the easy-to-use system. Their new B2B web store is based on Sana Commerce version 9.3.4 and is connected with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. ParTech needed an e-commerce service provider that could fully service their customers’ needs, as well as minimize their internal team’s workload. Sana Commerce’s ERP-integrated solution made this possible.

Sana Commerce’s solution provided ParTech’s customers with the functionality they had been missing in the previous e-commerce solution. With the new web store, ParTech’s B2B customers can finally:

  • View all stock inventory
  • View order information
  • Create quotes
  • Create orders
  • Convert quotes to orders

ParTech was also able to custom design their entire project. Notably, Sana Commerce fit their new web store with a custom image slider to better display important services and information. This improved functionality paved the way for better customer experiences. What’s more, is that the solution can be updated and maintained as Sana Commerce continues to advance their e-commerce solutions and technologies.

Integration with Sana Commerce’s solution made our business operate more smoothly. This solution has made the lives of our customers easier, as well as our own.

Robin Sorensen | Co-Founder and Technical Engineer at ParTech

The results

Dedication to keep up with the latest in e-commerce

The implementation of the new web store has been met with positive customer responses. ParTech’s customers are impressed with how convenient it is to see stock availability in real-time. They’ve also been pleased to receive automatically updated order information, which saves them — and ParTech — valuable time.

Looking to the future, ParTech plans to update their e-commerce solution in order to keep up with the technology and the growing needs of their business. As a small and mid-sized business, they recognize the value in cultivating innovation and adopting the latest technology.

Their next step? Implementing a product information management (PIM) system and adding more customizations.

Having a good e-commerce solution is important to us in order to further develop our business. I recommend other businesses to do the same. You don’t have to create a huge plan, but just start with your web store and make small steps to develop it.

Robin Sorensen | Co-Founder and Technical Engineer at ParTech

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