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e-commerce made easy

Manage deep product catalogs, simplify complex ordering, and provide user-friendly customer portals with Sana Commerce Cloud.

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Simplify your biggest complexities

Customer portals

Make self-service ordering as quick as point-and-click.

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Easy ordering

Manage complex order structures and supply chains.

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Real-time integration

Eliminate order errors through real-time integration with your ERP.

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Payment solutions

Put the customer first with payment options that fit their needs.

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Customer portals

Complete B2B

Put your customers in charge with self-service customer portals. Customers can place orders from personalized catalogs, track shipments, and pay invoices anytime, anywhere.

  • Give your customers what they want: self-directed online ordering, one-click reordering, invoice payment, and localized checkout.
  • Personalize the customer experience with segmentation, customer specific catalogs and pricing, and account-specific permissions.
  • Speed up product navigation through AI-powered smart search and discovery.

Easy ordering

Streamline sales processes

Manage even the most complex order and supply chain processes with e-commerce designed with B2B manufacturing in mind.

Product catalog management

Categorize products by variants, group, and bills of materials for easy customer navigation.

Invoice Discounts
Order management

Manage bulk, high-volume, repeat, and subscription orders.

Shipping & logistics

Ship every size of B2B shipment with fixed and real-time shipping options.

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Calculate buyer-specific tax and provide currency localization.

Estimate how you can improve your sales, operations and bottom line with Sana Commerce.

Real-time integration

Create a single source of truth

Connect directly with your Microsoft or SAP ERP and provide inventory accuracy for as many SKUs as you can manufacture.

  • Manage large lines of SKUs efficiently with real-time data to avoid order errors and long processing times.
  • Eliminate costly errors by displaying real-time inventory information in your web store.
  • Sync pricing, customer details, sales, automatically between your web store and ERP.

Payment solutions

Manage complex B2B payment options

Give your customers the choice of how to pay with multiple PSPs, customizable payment terms, and instant quotes.

  • Complete payment within your webstore thanks to PSP integrations that allow customers to pay with credit, debit, or on account.
  • Support customers with account specific payment terms, partial prepayment, or payment by installation.
  • Create and lock-in instant custom quotes to provide pricing transparency.

See why manufacturers choose Sana Commerce

International technology and engineering company, Palfinger, chose Sana Commerce to solve multilevel distribution challenges and simplify the B2B e-commerce experience.

Sana Commerce Cloud automates the ordering process across Palfinger’s multilevel distribution model, ensuring timely delivery for orders, regardless of scope. With Sana Commerce, Palfinger has seen an 80% increase in web store adoption.

“With Sana Commerce, we’ve reclaimed valuable time for our sales team to focus on higher-value tasks, while providing our partners with an intuitive spare parts ordering system. Without Sana Commerce, our market reach would be limited. It’s not just a platform; it’s our key to finding the right sales channels and informing our dealers.”
Peter Jäger, Head of Project & Process Management at PALFINGER Read the case study
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Manage B2B complexity with Sana Commerce Cloud

Reduce order errors, solve complex product and channel problems, and empower your customers with easy online ordering.