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Provide a better customer experience with a reliable platform that also lets you cut down on tedious and inefficient administrative tasks.

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Why should digitally driven manufacturers choose Sana Commerce?

For long-successful manufacturers, continuing to field a large number of offline orders is causing unnecessary inefficiency, and many are looking to e-commerce to lighten the workload. With Sana Commerce, a Dynamics or SAP ERP-integrated web store can address key challenges, such as high manual workload and the risk of order errors or inaccurate data, that negatively impact your existing customer relationships.

Our e-commerce solution uses all the product data and industry-specific business logic you have stored in your ERP in real-time. But of course, to be able to have all this information displayed on your web store in real-time, you need to make sure all the information in your ERP is set up correctly.

Our out-of-the-box solution can get you on the road quickly, with an e-commerce platform that fits your requirements and prioritizes your customer relationships, through the following 3 key benefits.

Total customer convenience

Allow your customers to order anytime, anywhere with personalized self-service and complete transparency with a web store that offers:

  • Hyper-personalization: Customer-specific pricing, order history, assortments, shipping addresses and more personalization are all available, out of the box.
  • Bar code ordering: It’s as simple as scanning a bar code and your customers can order the precise product they have in hand.
  • Up-to-date information: Customers can access real-time information on inventory levels, their online and offline orders, as well as more ERP information. Your customers can also see when sold-out items will be back in stock.
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Reliability without compromise

Give your customers a reliable online experience and eliminate errors and delays, so your customers have the right supplies when they need it.

Price changes
Reliable bulk pricing

Because your ERP and e-commerce work as one, your prices are always up-to-date and 100% reliable for all bulk orders that your manufacturing customers make.

Instant custom quotes

Stop wasting time creating custom quotes. When your ERP and e-commerce work as one, your web store can show the correct delivery time and pricing based on ERP logic.

Real-time inventory information
Real-time inventory information

Thanks to ERP and e-commerce working as one, your web store only lets you sell what's available in the ERP, with inventory levels updated in real-time.

Constant evolution

Quickly and easily adapt your business to meet and exceed your manufacturing customers evolving expectations and the latest industry trends:

  • Quick go-to-market: Have a new product in stock? Quickly add it into your ERP and it can be displayed immediately in your e-commerce catalog.
  • Easily integrate with other systems: In addition to your ERP, integrate your e-commerce with your Product Information Management (PIM) system and any other industry-specific systems to provide customers with even more in-depth product information.
  • Easily internationalize your business: Open more web stores to cater to new markets, or even standalone e-commerce sites, for your biggest customers — which can all be managed from the same admin panel.

… And more!

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See how businesses like yours are benefiting

Mitsubishi Turbocharger Engine Europe Case Study Sana Commerce Color logo

“In our old web store, the way of working was as it was 30 years ago. Now, not only do our customers have a new platform to purchase from, but a new way of working has also started within our organization. The internal teams are stimulated to tackle challenges and change.”

Ella Evers | Application Specialist at Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V.


saved on costs compared to other mainstream solutions


web store security


features & design made for this market
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Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe Case Study Sana Commerce Quote slider image

“Our customers have very high expectations. It was critical that we find a platform that would give us the functionality and flexibility to escort them through their journey. Sana Commerce … allows us to improve efficiency and effectiveness since the platform aggregates customer, product, pricing and behavior into one seamless experience.”

Robert Finn | VP of Marketing at Labelmaster Read more
Moto Direct

“Having that out-of-the-box integration, where we didn’t need to replicate all our business processes on the website, was a huge time saver for Moto Direct. We love the Sana product because it’s really hands off. We don’t need to worry about the day-to-day management of data and other such tedious tasks.”

Sean Hefferin | Supply Chain Manager at Moto Direct


faster implementation vs. Magento


lower TCO compared to Magento


increase in online export orders
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Moto Direct

Integrated e-commerce designed to meet your industry needs

See how an integrated web store with Sana Commerce can help organizations address unique challenges across any industry.


Automate your ordering processes with integrated e-commerce, and further enhance the experience with EDI.


The chemical industry is one of the most diverse manufacturing industries. Learn how our e-commerce solution and industry specialists can help.


Offer one easy-to-navigate online sales channel to provide accurate product specifications for thousands of products.


Sell electronics equipment with an ERP-integrated web store that displays accurate product specifications and real-time pricing.

Machinery supplies

Increase revenue, reduce your manual workload and have accurate, up-to-date ERP information online 24/7 to accommodate your customers' needs.

Medical supplies

Stay compliant and efficiently manage your urgent orders with always, accurate, real-time stock information.

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