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Scale your global
e-commerce sales

Successfully navigate the complexity of global e-commerce to increase your revenue potential: all managed from one centralized portal.

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Unlock global
e-commerce revenue potential

Going into new markets is a promising opportunity to reach new customers. However, this introduces challenges and complexities that can be difficult to navigate. Sana Commerce Cloud provides a future-proof solution to support you in every step of your multi-market approach.

  • Explore new revenue streams by rolling out multiple web stores for different countries or brands from one single place.
  • Simplify global selling with localized B2B buyer experiences and multi-language and currency support for each market.
  • Optimize your global strategy with actionable insights and analytics across multiple markets.


Explore new revenue streams

Grow your customer base by expanding the capabilities of your web store or creating new stores for different countries and brands. Optimize new web store deployments and prospect conversion by managing it all from one single place.

public web store icon
Public web store

Reach new audiences by making your web store public, sharing your catalogs and pricing to visitors.

Guest checkout

Expedite the onboarding and ordering process by enabling guest checkout and online account creation, without internal validation required.

Account creation

Import your customer list to easily create web store accounts in a few clicks or give them the autonomy to create an account themselves (with or without validation required).

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Translated content

Speak your buyer’s language by quickly translating web store content with our 39 language packs available for download.

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Regionalized content

Display regionalized content and catalogs, through multiple store set-ups, segmented content and customer assortments.

Invoice Discounts
Local compliance

With global coverage, Sana Commerce Cloud ensures compliance with international and regional laws for smooth international rollout.


Simplify global e-commerce

Bring your international business to local audiences with specific buying experiences. Sana Commerce Cloud gives you the ability to tailor your web store to local preferences and needs with ease.

Address auto-complete

Support international address forms with address auto-complete plug-ins to reduce errors in handling orders.

Payment options

Offer local payment methods for buyers with our 20+ global payment provider and local bank integrations to reduce abandoned shopping carts.

Local currencies

Automatically convert customer-specific prices to 150+ local currencies (as per the ISO 4217 standard) and display country-specific tax rates.

Real-time information

Drive order conversions with real-time display of prices, stocks and services, wherever and whenever an order is finalized.

Local shipping methods

Present buyers with local shipping methods and estimates for the delivery they want, on their own terms.

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Optimize your global e-commerce strategy

Keep an eye on how each of your web stores in specific regions perform with Sana Commerce insights. Based on regional buying behavior, create local marketing campaigns.

Pre-set dashboards

With pre-set dashboards on our Advanced Analytics tool, access your most important B2B commerce KPI's such as web store performance, abandoned cart rate, complete click paths and conversion rates.

Regional performance

See how specific regions perform across channels with the Advanced Analytics filtering and comparison capabilities.

Marketing campaigns

Send the right message in every market based on market-specific content. Create and manage local email marketing campaigns based on individual buying behavior data from your web store.

See what our customers have to say

“Internationalization is a major priority at Ravensburger. We often receive international inquiries asking when the new retailer portal will be available in their respective country. The Sana Commerce multi-shop solution supports the international roll-out, and Sana Commerce’s e-commerce consultants are also well versed in this area.”

Maximilian Maucher, Sales Platform Project Manager at Ravensburger Read more

“We wanted something efficient and easy to manage, so we chose Sana Commerce because of the integration with our ERP. Since then, Fagron has launched 14 sales portals in multiple countries: 12 of which were launched in a year’s time. Now, 40% of Fagron’s global sales are completed online.”

Karel Jutte, Global Application Portfolio Manager at Fagron Read more

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Scale your global
e-commerce sales

Unlock new revenue streams with a simple and optimized global strategy.