Sana Commerce: A global e-commerce solution built to scale

Leverage the power of your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP to reach a global market and scale your operations seamlessly.

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Why choose Sana Commerce as your global e-commerce solution?

Do you have your sights set on international growth? On brand growth? On limitless expansion? Then Sana Commerce is the e-commerce partner for you.

Our powerful, unified, and ERP-integrated platform is built to support you as your organization captures new opportunities abroad or launches new brands. We support multilanguage, multicurrency, and localized e-commerce experiences – all by putting your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP system at the core of our approach.

Go global with Sana

After moving our online sales to [the Sana platform], Diversey is enjoying a new, simpler and more scalable way of doing online business. We’ve now launched web shops across six countries, with more in the pipeline, helping our sales teams deliver on their promises. Equally important, our customers are happy as well.
Karel van Gorp | Global VP of Consumer Brands and E-Commerce at Diversey
[Thanks to their out-of-the-box functionality and the extensibility beyond that], we are working with fewer ISVs since our migration over to Sana Commerce. We still use a PIM system, a payment service provider, CPQ software for custom personalized products, and a shipping partner: but they're all seamlessly tied together within Sana.
Nathan Ayers | E-Commerce Manager at Labelmaster
As a growing business, we wanted to have a more powerful platform with more control. Sana is easy to use and will scale with the business. We’ve seen great conversion levels and the Sana web store allows us to continue to offer excellent customer care.
Marta Dyer Smith | E-Commerce Manager at Jim Lawrence
We wanted something efficient and easy to manage, so we chose Sana Commerce because of the integration with our ERP. Since then, Fagron has launched 14 sales portals in multiple countries: 12 of which were launched in a year’s time. Now, 40% of Fagron’s global sales orders are completed online.
Karel Jutte | Global Application Portfolio Manager at Fagron

How Sana supports a global e-commerce strategy

With Sana Commerce, focusing on internationalization, growth, and scalability for your global e-commerce strategy is made simple. Leverage our ERP-integrated solution for your business expansion goals to gain:

Reliable performance to support high order volumes
Support for multiple stores and brands
Multi-region support
Localized experiences
A variety of selling models
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  • Reliable performance to support high order volumes

    Sana Commerce knows how important it is to run a safe, stable, continuous operation. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, lazy loading, load balancing, and more best practices to keep you running smoothly.
  • Support for multiple stores and brands

    Easily create separate websites for different brands with just one Sana installation, no matter how your back office is structured.
  • Multi-region support

    All your web stores are managed easily in one place: Sana admin. This means that, even for your various sites, your products are managed just once in your ERP — whether your brands are tied to many companies in your ERP system or just one.
  • Localized experiences

    Display product descriptions in the right language, correctly calculate tax and currency, and adjust local shipping and payment methods accordingly.
  • A variety of selling models

    With Sana you can make use of different selling models for B2B, B2C and D2C web stores so you can easily reach all of your customer groups online and provide them with the information, features and tools they need most.

Why make Sana Commerce your global e-commerce solution?

Looking to expand into a multi-brand operation, or capture revenue in a new region? Thanks to Sana’s future-ready, ERP-integrated e-commerce solution, you can expand the scope of your business opportunities.

Key features and functionality, powered by Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP systems, make this possible, including:

  • Data consistency and accuracy (direct from your ERP in real time) for better omnichannel commerce.
  • Extensive language and currency options help you make your web store available to new markets.
  • Highly relevant location-based content to help you capture new clients, establish a global brand and increase sales.

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