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Sana Commerce is your secret weapon in the quest for customer satisfaction. Exceed customer expectations and deliver reliability without compromise with the following 44 e-commerce features.

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44 e-commerce features to captivate your clients

These are the e-commerce features that make the difference. From powerful search capabilities to immediate insight into complete account history, Sana Commerce provides the power and versatility you need to exceed customer expectations.

There’s a lot to take in, so we’ve broken the long list down into six categories.

Easy-to-navigate product catalogs

A web store can be much more than just an online product catalog — but you have to get the foundation right for your web store to succeed. Luckily, Sana Commerce makes this a cinch.

Customer experience
Convenient online configuration and ordering
An efficient start for your web store

Let your ERP do the heavy lifting. Use classifications and categorizations stored in your ERP to build your web store’s product catalog structure.

Faster sales
Quickly launch multiple web stores

Want a different web store for every region? No problem. Sana Commerce lets you roll out multiple stores based on multiple companies.

Export products to marketplaces

Sell beyond your own web store. With Sana Commerce, you can easily export detailed product information to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Google. (add-on).

related products
Easily assign products to the right web store

Sana Commerce makes managing multiple web stores a breeze. You only need to define product assignments once and in one place: your ERP system.

Filter Further With Faceted Search
Filter further with faceted search

Conquer large catalogs with faceted search. Sana Commerce lets clients filter results using product attributes as defined in your ERP to quickly find their ideal product.

Bills of material
Use bills of materials/kitting and assembly

Make purchasing complex products simple for your clients. Sana Commerce makes it easy to combine individual items into a single sellable unit.

Reliability without a compromise
Crystal clear data management

Our integrated e-commerce software leverages your ERP’s master database in your web store and ensures all newly created online records (such as orders) are instantly available in your ERP.

Use product images from your ERP

Your Sana Commerce web store can display the product images stored in your ERP, so there’s no need to upload photos to multiple systems.

Rich, real-time product information

What’s better than easy-to-find product information? The answer: easy-to-find product information that’s always up to date, without your web store overwhelming your ERP system.

Access to real-time product information
Better flexibility and visibility of operations
Display product customizations

Sana Commerce makes it easy to use custom fields in your ERP to perfect your product information. Our integrated e-commerce solution lets you use these directly in your web store.

Price Calculations
Provide accurate price calculations with units of measure

Our seamless ERP integration means units of measure are automatically incorporated and used in your web store. The result? Optimal pricing accuracy.

Real Time
Display inventory availability in real-time

Our integrated e-commerce software leverages your ERP’s master database in your web store and ensures all newly created online records (such as orders) are instantly available in your ERP.

“With Sana Commerce’s software, the intelligence of the ERP system is automatically implemented in the web store. This allows us to prevent modifications in our ERP system from showing up in our web store too late, or perhaps not showing up at all. This means the customer always has reliable, real-time information.”

Marcel de Groot | General Manager at Exalto Read more

Sana Commerce stood out because of how it’s layered on top of our Microsoft Dynamics ERP, to the point that it’s almost part of Dynamics AX. [Getting the right data to our web store] doesn’t require a push; it’s calling directly into our ERP. That, and the pricing made sense, so Sana Commerce was the right fit for us.

Bryan Belanger | VP of Technology at Ideal Protein


with Microsoft Dynamics AX




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Ideal Protein

Complex pricing rules made simple

From order line discounts to customer-specific pricing: Sana Commerce’s e-commerce software uses all the pricing logic as defined in your ERP so your web store can offer your clients the best deal.

Pricing and product information
Price Calculations
Always display accurate pricing

Sana Commerce uses pricing data directly from your ERP. Whether they visit your web store or speak with your sales reps, your clients will always get the right price.

Long-term cost efficiency
Offer special pricing online

With an integrated e-commerce solution, customer-specific pricing calculations take place in your ERP and are therefore always accurate.

Faster sales
Display correct discounts in your web store

Sana Commerce uses the pricing logic from your SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP system so you can always rely on accurate discounts in your web store.

Price changes
Show the better deal with tier pricing

Our integrated web stores let you use tier pricing as a default pricing option. Clients can immediately see if they’re better off buying in bulk.

Invoice Discounts
Let clients see the right order line and invoice discounts

Sana Commerce automatically displays the correct calculations for any discounts triggered by your ERP system.

Long-term cost efficiency
View real-time sales tax calculations

Seamless integration means Sana Commerce web stores display the complex sales tax calculation carried out by your ERP in real time.

Faster sales
Use automatic charges for fees and associated costs

Service charges, fuel charges, deposits, packaging costs, insurance, environmental taxes, disposal fees — Sana Commerce web stores can display everything.

Discover the features

Are you ready to see the features at work? All of this is within reach. Learn more about integrated e-commerce for Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP and SAP Business One.

E-commerce for Microsoft Dynamics

Sana Commerce uses the existing data and logic stored in your Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, making your ERP and e-commerce work as one. The results? Your customers benefit from a convenient, reliable and constantly evolving online experience.

E-commerce for SAP

Sana Commerce eliminates system silos by making your SAP or SAP Business One ERP and e-commerce work as one. This guarantees a convenient and reliable experience for your customers, and gives you the agility to quickly respond to their evolving needs.

Online order processing

A sleek web store isn’t enough for a great online shopping experience: you also need flawless order processing. Here’s how Sana Commerce’s e-commerce features ensure you please your clients, every time.

Easier invoice management
Bills of material
Accuracy and fast turnaround with real-time orders

The seamless integration between Sana Commerce and your ERP means orders are processed immediately, not during a scheduled sync.

Invoice Discounts
Keep data clean with real-time data validation

Our integrated e-commerce software’s order validation process only uses rules in line with your ERP, modeled to match your business-specific processes.

Price Calculations
Provide customized payment conditions

Sana Commerce uses your ERP’s logic to determine the payment conditions and options available to your clients online. (Please note: this depends on your ERP’s functionality.)

No need to DIY e-commerce
Display real-time shopping cart calculations

Give clients a complete overview of their order total. Sana Commerce’s transparent, accurate checkout process boosts conversion and reduces your workload.

Use your ERP’s standard quote request (RFQ) processes

With a Sana Commerce web store, your clients can request quotes online. Better yet: You can also accept and deliver price quotes via the web store.

e-commerce services
Display customized orders and process order comments

Our e-commerce software features bi-directional comment functionality: You can add order comments via your ERP, and clients can add them via the web store.

Dynamic Billing
Use dynamic billing and shipping addresses

Have multiple shipping or billing addresses for a client? They can simply select one in the Sana Commerce web store, and shipping and delivery conditions are automatically adjusted.

Display ERP-calculated shipping costs in real-time

Sana Commerce’s seamless integration means online order costs are calculated dynamically in your ERP and immediately displayed in your web store.

Convenient online configuration and ordering
Edit orders even after they’re placed

Haven’t processed an order in your back office yet? Then clients can still edit their order via the web store. (This e-commerce feature can be disabled.)

Better flexibility and visibility of operations
Let clients re-order from any previous order

Yes, even orders placed through other channels. With Sana Commerce’s advanced e-commerce features, your clients can order with minimal clicks and effort.

Order numbers
Determine order origin with order number ranges

Sana Commerce uses your ERP system to store order information, and it can access order number ranges used by your ERP directly to make order origin clear.

No need to DIY e-commerce
Keep clients informed with order tracking

ERP systems can automatically manage the order tracking process, and our ERP-integrated web store can display these tracking details online in real time.

Easily view the complete account history

Our ERP-integrated web store lets you offer clients a fully searchable and printable document lifecycle, from quote to order to invoice.

Facilitate streamlined product returns

With a Sana Commerce web store, your clients can simply select what they want to return, indicate the reason and add any comments to create a return merchandise authorization (RMA).

24/7 client focus

Struggling to follow up on all your clients? It’s a luxury problem, sure — and it’s one that our integrated e-commerce features can solve for you. Here’s how we empower clients and sales reps.

E-Commerce Catalog Management
Convenient online configuration and ordering
Provide a perfectly localized web store experience

Your client’s location, as registered in your ERP, determines their web store experience. The right language, tax rates and currency calculations let them shop with ease.

Exceed expectations with client-specific product catalogs

If you use client-specific catalogs in your ERP system, you can also use them in your Sana Commerce web store to ensure that your clients only see products relevant to them.

Browse partner
Manage your client’s portfolio

Logged in sales reps can see their client list, select a customer and view the web store as if that client is logged in — including order history and unique client logic.

related products
Efficiently manage client information

Tax liability, address formats — ERP systems have logic that validates this kind of data, and Sana Commerce is powerful enough to leverage it. The result? Fully automated client data maintenance.

Dynamic Billing
Get insightful sales reports

Your ERP generates sales reports for sales orders, shipments, invoices and more. Your Sana Commerce web store lets clients download printable PDFs of these documents.

Price Calculations
Let clients pay invoices online

Merchants using Sana Commerce’s powerful e-commerce features can accept payments on open invoices directly from their web store. What could be easier?

Reliability without a compromise
Provide product manuals and documentation online

Manage vital product documents like manuals in your ERP and make them available in your web store — and add URLs to the records.

Personalized e-commerce marketing

From consumer web stores to online sales portals for professional buyers: Personalization is the name of the game. And we offer plenty of e-commerce features geared towards delivering just that.

Personalized marketing
Create personalized content based on ERP data

Use the client information you’ve already stored in your ERP system to personalize web store content and target a specific client segment for optimal effectiveness.

Personalize your email marketing

You can also use ERP data to tailor your marketing emails to specific client interests and needs. No, email marketing definitely isn’t dead. (add-on)

Real Time
Offer convenience through predictive ordering

Our predictive ordering e-commerce feature generates new order suggestions based on your client’s online and offline order history.

Dynamic Billing
Get smart sales statistics

Supercharge your sales strategy. Combine web store behavior data with actual ordering info for detailed sales statistics on client behavior.

Convenient online configuration and ordering
Display related products for cross-selling and upselling

Product out of stock? Client looking for an accessory or upgrade? Sana Commerce uses product relationships from your ERP to display related items on product pages.

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