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Partner Overview

Are your clients facing growing pains?

B2B e-commerce, or at least the simple, streamlined version of it most businesses hope for,  is broken. Are your clients feeling the growing pains of a weak e-commerce foundation?

Mainstream e-commerce solutions rely on middleware and connectors to replicate and synchronize the product, customer, and business data that needs to flow from ERP to website, meaning:

  • Online purchase journeys are long and often disrupted
  • Inaccurate data frustrates customers and costs businesses significant lost revenue
  • Inefficiencies online cause more inefficiencies offline, hampering growth for businesses too inundated with manual order processing and data maintenance
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How Sana Commerce can help

Sana Commerce is breaking the mold. We’re rejecting the fragmented approach most mainstream e-commerce platforms take by leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems. Are you ready to join us?

By putting your clients’ ERP systems at the heart of their e-commerce, our platform, Sana Commerce Cloud, empowers organizations like your clients to accelerate business via user-friendly, feature-, and data-rich web stores. The Sana Commerce approach is unique: the only native ERP integration that eliminates middleware dependency for scaling businesses, leverages always-accurate data in real-time, and proven to foster strong relationships with long-standing customers.

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Native ERP Integration Sana Commerce Cloud

Interested in co-marketing with Sana Commerce?

Explore our  featured campaigns below to understand what marketing packages we have to offer. At Sana Commerce, we pre-package campaign bundles (including new assets, tools, blogs, and insights) focused on key topics that are relevant to current industry or market trends. Explore our featured campaigns below to understand what marketing packages we have to offer.

Featured campaign:

Sana Commerce Cloud Customer Demo

  • Live demo of our solution’s B2B, B2C, sales agent, invoice payment, and analytics functionalities

Traditional campaigns:

On-Demand Webinar Campaigns

  • Focus: B2B Buying
  • Focus: Digital Disruption
  • Focus: State of Manufacturing and E-Commerce

Low-Effort, One-Off Campaigns

  • Newsletter features
  • Blog posts
  • Promotion of Sana Commerce events

The “Perfect Pear” Campaign

  • Direct mail campaign for your clients to drive engagement

Event Campaigns:

  • B2B E-Commerce Summit (Inquire about no-cost sponsorship)
  • Best Practices for Selling Online: Workshop
  • Benefits of ERP Integration: Workshop

Customer Success Events:

Fireside chat with one of our mutual clients to dive into successes and insights, including:

  • Events leading up to decision to investigate e-commerce
  • Deciding factors for Sana Commerce
  • Implementation experience
  • Post-live results

The Kitchen Islands Campaign

  • Sales team focused initiative
  • Build customer relationships
  • Live event, including drinks, with maximum engagement

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Project Implementation

It’s decided: your client has opted for a Sana Commerce web store for their company — (we may be biased, but) great choice! We’re so pleased to have you, and them, on board. Now it’s time to kick start the project and implement their shiny new web store. But what will that project look like for you and for them?

Explore high-level and in-depth guides to a Sana Commerce web store implementation.

You can also hear straight from our VP of Implementation, Mark Miles, on the ins and outs of working with the Sana Commerce team:

Watch the partner implementation webinar
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Ready to dive into a Sana Commerce partnership?

Contact your Partner Alliance Manager for more information.