B2B E-Commerce Awards 2020

The wait has begun. We will announce the winners of the B2B E-commerce Awards 2020 on September 24 during the B2B E-commerce Summit EMEA.

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B2B E-Commerce Awards 2020

After a successful first edition of the Benelux B2B e-commerce awards in 2019, we couldn’t resist organizing the second edition of these wonderful awards. And this year, we’re going global! Sana customers around the world are invited to participate. Last year, Sana’s experts created a shortlist of nominees, but this year customers were able to submit a case themselves. An expert panel chose the 3 finalists for each category. A jury will determine the winners, which will be announced on September 24 during the B2B E-commerce Summit EMEA.

Ten special cases were selected for a special award: the Audience Prize. It’s no longer possible to vote for your favorite case.



These are 5 categories with three finalists. The winners will be announced during the B2B E-commerce Summit EMEA on September 24.

And the nominees are..

  • The ‘User Experience Award’: GMT Europe, the baby’s corner, Buch & Holm
  • The ‘E-Commerce Success Award’: West Music, Yue Hwa Chinese Products, Avon Cosmetics
  • The ‘Best Newcomer Award’: Diversey, John Atkins, Vincent Sheppard
  • The ‘Innovation Award’: Boards & More, Forbo Flooring, Royal Brinkman
  • ‘E-Commerce Manager of the year’: Marco May – Boards & More, Diego Claessens – Technical Touch BV, Rafael Noriega – Vidriera y Reactivos (Visera)

We will also hand out an award for ‘Ambassador of the year’. Customers could not submit a case for this award.

Audience Prize!

Audience Prize

An expert panel from Sana selected 10 customers that stood out the most in terms of user experience, e-commerce success, vision and innovation. Their fate was in your hands, because you were able to vote for your favorite case in July. It’s no longer possible to vote. The ten nominees are:

Check out the nominees for the Audience Prize

  • Avon Cosmetics (Malaysia)
  • Saccheria Franceschetti
  • ESG
  • The Baby’s Corner
  • West Music
  • Yue Hwa Chinese Products
  • Diversey
  • Forbo Flooring
  • Boards & More

Last years’ winners

2019 winners

  • B2B Innovation Award – Royal Brinkman
  • B2B User Experience Award – Installatiebalie.nl
  • Customer Success Award – Ameel Candy World
  • Ambassador of the year – Forbo Flooring & Installatiebalie.nl


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