Sana Pay

Sana Pay, powered by Adyen

Provide a consistent and convenient payment experience for your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP integrated e-commerce site with Sana Pay, powered by Adyen.

  • Integrate your customers’ preferred form of payment into your web store.
  • Take your web store payment integration to the next level with Sana Pay+.

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Improved customer-centricity
Boost conversions

With data-driven payment optimization leading to more authorizations, less chargebacks and a better checkout experience.

Leverage your existing ERP integration

Provide an optimized ERP flow that gives your customers ultimate convenience.

Streamline customer onboarding
Streamline onboarding

Get up and running fast with Adyen’s streamlined KYC (onboarding) process and an easy, single setup for all payment methods, currencies and countries.

Quick set up that leverages your existing integrations

By working closely with Adyen we have developed a customized solution that integrates seamlessly with Sana Commerce and with your ERP solution. You no longer experience the struggle of having to manually settle payments and match invoices for customers ordering on account. The Sana Commerce integration with Adyen enables your company to provide total customer convenience to your shoppers:

  • Let your shop visitors pay their orders directly during checkout. The customer will remain in Sana Commerce’s intuitive checkout flow.
  • Give your customers the ability to save their payment details for the next time they shop.
  • The fastest way to complete a payment, with the least amount of clicks possible.
  • Minimize the risk of non-payment, enabling goods to be sent out sooner resulting in faster delivery times.
  • Reduce the risks associated with paying on account and the costs of financing invoices or receivables by encouraging payment in advance.

“After talking with our customers, we realized that current PSP solutions do not integrate sufficiently with e-commerce platforms and the ERP system. We wanted to relieve the struggles of reconciliation and payment, so we got together with Adyen and decided to fix this. Sana Pay is what we came up with, and I’m very excited about it! By leveraging your ERP data in your online store, as well as in your payment solution, and vice versa, you can greatly improve the checkout experience for your customers!”

Arno Ham | Chief Product Officer, Sana Commerce

Arno Ham

The key benefits of Sana Pay:

Simplified order processing and fulfillment

A native experience in Sana Commerce’s checkout with Adyen for a seamless experience on desktop and mobile.

Price Calculations

Customize currencies and the checkout experience for distribution channels while maintaining a centralized view of your payments.

Boost Conversion

Boost conversions with location-based payment options, facilitate repeat purchases through tokenized payments and reduce the risk of errors with card detection and verification.

E-Commerce Features

Reduce development time and stay up-to-date with the latest features with our in-house built and maintained integration.

Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

Geared for growth

Get ready to grow with global acceptance of all major credit cards, data driven payment optimization and built-in fraud prevention.

Better customer experience

Offer your customers a seamless checkout flow in the Sana Commerce environment where they can store and manage card details and fulfill payments with a single click.

Operational excellence

Simplified accounting with adjustable payouts and detailed reports, as well as fully compliant with PSD2 (Payment Service Directive Two) and Adyen-hosted PCI (Payment Card Industry).

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