Sana Pay

Increase the value of your ERP e-commerce site with Sana Pay, powered by Adyen.

  • Provide a consistent and convenient payment experience
  • Integrate your customers’ preferred form of payment into your web store
  • Boost conversions by facilitating easy repeat purchasing
Sana Pay

Make purchasing pain-free and manageable

An easy payment system does more than just enable your e-commerce store to accept any card or bank payments — it also improves internal processes and customer experience. Let your shoppers use their preferred payment types, via a personalized checkout experience, no matter where in the world they are. Payment providers take care of the process, so you don’t have to.

Quick setup that leverages your existing integrations

With Sana Pay, powered by Adyen, we take payment providers to the next level via our seamless integration with your ERP and Sana Commerce Cloud web store.

Not only does Sana Pay minimize the risk of non-payment — resulting in faster delivery times — it also reduces the risks that come with paying on account and the costs of financing invoices or receivables. Plus, Sana Pay improves user experience by enabling your customers to:

  • Pay orders directly during checkout
  • Save payment details for later
  • Complete payments quickly
Quick setup
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Reap the rewards

How else can you benefit from Sana Pay?

Boost Conversion
Increase conversions

Boost conversions by facilitating repeat purchases — while also reducing errors.

Optimize Processes
Optimize processes

Customize currencies and checkouts while maintaining a centralized view of your payments.

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Get ready to grow

Enable growth with global acceptance of all major credit cards and payment optimizations.

Sell with ease
Sell with ease

Ensure a seamless shopping experience, 24/7, no matter where your customers shop.

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