Microsoft Dynamics GP

Sana Commerce Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Implement e-commerce quickly with a dependable platform that supports your growing business.

  • Integrate your web store with real-time Microsoft Dynamics GP to eliminate data replication and silos.
  • Provide your clients with 24/7 access to your business.
  • Create personalized content for your customers based on ERP information.
  • Ensure the security of your web store by hosting it securely in the cloud using Microsoft Azure.
  • Choose a SaaS solution so your web store is always automatically up-to-date and on the latest version of Sana Commerce Cloud.

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Why choose Sana Commerce Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics GP-integrated e-commerce?

When it comes to e-commerce, challenge your business to think bigger. By choosing Sana Commerce Cloud, you’re choosing a quick-to-launch e-commerce solution that’s certified by Microsoft for Dynamics GP integration and that uses your ERP’s business logic and real-time data to fundamentally enhance your web store experience.

Benefit from:

Total customer convenience
E-commerce for total customer convenience

Nurture your existing business relationships while you build new ones. With Sana Commerce Cloud, offer a web store that’s 100% customer-centric: easy to use and built with online self-service in mind.

Reliability without a compromise
A platform you can trust and rely on — always

Offer your online customers the dynamic web store they want to purchase from. With Sana Commerce Cloud, ensure your e-commerce solution will never waver in performance or quality.

Constant evolution
A means to mitigate scalability challenges

Sana Commerce Cloud supports seamless scalability without compromising the quality of existing operations, including support for multiple web stores, currencies, and selling models.

Here’s what some satisfied Sana Commerce customers have to say:

Century Martial Arts

“In addition to the benefits the [Dynamics-integrated e-commerce] package offers, we made the decision to choose Sana because of the timeframe within which they were able to develop and produce an e-commerce solution for us. We could get a web store live and an e-commerce platform functioning in a tight, 90-day window.”

Mike Maloney | VP of Technology at Century Martial Arts


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Century Martial Arts

The power of a Dynamics GP-integrated solution with SCC

Microsoft Dynamics GP e-commerce can put your company at the top of its game – if you use it correctly. With Sana Commerce Cloud, you can execute an e-commerce experience designed to make the best use of your ERP (for your business’ as well as for your customers’ gain) with real-time ERP data integration.

Enjoy everything you need from B2B e-commerce with Sana Commerce Cloud :

Out-of-the-box integration with Dynamics GP

Sana Commerce Cloud uses your real-time ERP data to power your web store, meaning a dynamic e-commerce experience can be implemented (without any heavy customizations needed).

A reliable, scalable solution

Our integrated software provides you with the freedom to scale your business, with native support for all business models and multiple brands (including multilanguage and multicurrency support).

Flexible and extensible e-commerce

Sana Commerce Cloud offers add-ons (for payment, shipping, PIM, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), tax determination, etc.) to enhance our out-of-the-box offering even further.

Online marketing and SEO support

Sana Commerce Cloud gives your marketing team a toolbox to set up your web store for online success, including features like SEO optimization, automatic sitemap generation, marketing web pages with CMS and more.

Strong personalization and localization

Leverage your Dynamics GP ERP’s data to offer your clients a personalized experience based on customer data and a localized web store experience (that displays the correct language, tax, and more for every customer — no matter their location).

Reduced pricing complexity

No matter how complex your pricing is — Sana Commerce Cloud makes it manageable. Prices displayed on your web store are consistent across channels, and our integrated approach makes it easy to display customer-specific pricing in your web store.

Transform your business today.

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