Experlogix: a CPQ solution for simplified e‑commerce

Investing in Experlogix’s CPQ for e-commerce, with Sana Commerce, can mean more streamlined sales activities for brands with highly configurable products.

Overview: CPQ for e-commerce

Configure Price Quote software (or CPQ) can be a powerful e-commerce tool, especially for B2B organizations with highly customizable products that are looking to manage complex sales activities.

Investing in a Sana Commerce web store, paired with Experlogix’s CPQ solution, you can also:

Experlogix CPQ
Faster sales
Enable faster, smarter sales

Experlogix CPQ software helps your customers be more empowered and independent when it comes to configuring products online and placing orders easily. This frees up your sales team’s time, which can result in a B2B sales cycle that’s up to 33% shorter.

Convenient online configuration and ordering
Make complex online ordering simple

Streamline product quotes and orders with e-commerce and Experlogix CPQ software by allowing your online buyers to view product and price options, create quotes and place orders. Take it one step further by automating these processes to further reduce manual workload.

Implementation partner
Support and simplify customer self-service

Put the power back into your customers’ hands by making product configuration online easy. With Experlogix CPQ e-commerce, your customers can place an order for a custom product without worrying about order or quote accuracy, about or needing to contact your sales team for help.

Better flexibility and visibility of operations
Shorten the quote-to-order process

All factors essential to a complete and accurate order, including order composition, are taken into account during the quote process. Once the quote is approved, production can get started — without requiring your teams to manually check each order.

e-commerce services
Offer real-time visibility into product changes

Experlogix CPQ software (paired with e-commerce) ensures you never fail to meet your buyers’ preferences. Any changes to your products or your pricing made in your Dynamics ERP system always appear in your web store, in real time, and these changes are also reflected in the automated configuration and quoting process.

Error elimination
Reduce order and quoting errors

With an integrated web store like Sana’s, when a custom order is placed, the CPQ solution instantly updates your Dynamics ERP system with a product entry matching the items in the order: streamlining the quote-to-order process and reducing the margin for error by 13%.

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