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Sana Commerce Cloud

Your only real-time, ERP-integrated e-commerce solution built to enable business evolution and foster lasting customer relationships, offering:

  • Foolproof SAP and Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration
  • Advanced design capabilities, cutting-edge technology and unrivaled performance

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Flexibility to experiment

A decoupled front- and back end, built on a React framework, makes Sana Commerce Cloud headless commerce-ready for future-facing businesses.

Dynamic Billing
Effortless content management

Sana Commerce Cloud features a Visual Designer with drag-and-drop functionality, making page design intuitive and user-friendly.

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Lightning-fast performance

Sana Commerce Cloud, the first single-page application (SPA) built for B2B, is built to dramatically accelerate page load speed.

Succeed with ERP integration

Let your ERP do the heavy lifting: Our tight integration with your ERP has always been at the center of what makes Sana Commerce such a strong partner for businesses looking to embrace digital and business transformation.

With Sana Commerce Cloud you can successfully:

  • Make your e-commerce and ERP work as one to create a single source of truth for all your business data and information.
  • Eliminate system silos, unnecessary complexities and compromises caused by mainstream e-commerce solutions.
  • Accelerate growth and scalability with more efficient workflows, shorter conversion cycles and a flexible solution.

The benefits of true, real-time ERP integration:

  • Crystal clear data management by leveraging your ERP’s master database
  • Simple navigation with the ability to highly personalize the front-end experience
  • Always-accurate, pricing (including tier or customer-specific pricing) and inventory data: for a reliable solution you can depend on
  • Streamlined online order processing, simple reordering and RMA to maximize customer convenience
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Supported ERP systems

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Enable ERP integration with Sana Commerce Cloud

Experience the advantages of ERP e-commerce with our premier product Sana Commerce Cloud, which was built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with your ERP.  In addition to all the beloved benefits, capabilities and features we kept from previous iterations of Sana Commerce, we also introduced quite a few new things that are completely fresh, cutting edge and that put Sana Commerce Cloud at the forefront of e-commerce innovation (especially in B2B).


Marketing & design

Our powerful, in-page editor

Create personalized storefronts and offer products and content tailored to your customer using Sana Commerce Cloud’s Visual Designer.

  • Drag and drop the elements of your pages
  • Style your background with images and video
  • Animate your rows and color your columns, providing full design flexibility
  • Immediately see the effects of your proposed changes with in-page editing

Marketing & design

Limitless personalization capabilities

With Sana Commerce Cloud, you can show personalized content to a customer segment or individual customer, based on ERP data, in your web store (including personalized assortments, products, catalogs, navigation menus, etc). Style your backgrounds with images and video, animate your rows and color your columns with Sana Commerce Cloud for a dynamic experience that enables total customer convenience. 

Plus, embrace up-sell and cross-sell opportunities ​by showing related products, and even schedule content to be launched at a later time (such as customer-specific landing pages with promotional banners for a campaign).

Outdoora Preview 2021

Marketing & design​

More support for conversion optimization

Successful online marketing can help drive engagement from otherwise-passive web store visitors, or from offline shopping loyalists who are still wary of going digital. This includes the opportunity to boost traffic and conversions, and cross-sell and up-sell your customers. Drive conversion rate optimization with Sana Commerce Cloud via SEO support, personalized marketing capabilities and data integration tools.

SEO optimization
Support for SEO optimization

Leverage our SEO best practices and support for online marketing tools, such as Google Tag Manager​. Plus, benefit from Sana Commerce Insights, which combines your ERP, analytics and web store data.

Personalized email marketing
Personalized email marketing

Personalize your email marketing through marketing automation with our add-ons, including MailChimp and DotDigital.

Data integration tools and support
Data integration tools and support

Make use of our support for data analytics tools for smarter insights and integrate with dashboards (such as PowerBI) to track sales, product and customer data.

Technology & storefront

A high-speed storefront, powered by React

Sana Commerce Cloud’s high-speed storefront is a result of a framework that we redesigned from the ground up. Meaning your web store front-end and Sana Admin are rendered as single-page applications (SPAs). This ensures faster page speed performance, a strong overall user experience and lots of flexibility to evolve your business as often as you’d like.

How? Our framework balances the usage of server-side rendering and client-side rendering of our web pages, making it possible to quickly load a new web page, or new elements in a web page, within your web store — without the user having to wait for the server to load existing elements again first.

Key feature​

Sana Commerce Insights (SCI) combines your ERP, analytics and web store data into one dashboard, giving you actionable commercial insights. A standard version, SCI Preview, is built right into Sana Commerce Cloud. For more extensive insights, explore the full product.

More about Sana Commerce Insights
Sana Commerce Insights

Pricing and payment

Reliable, always-accurate pricing

Sana Commerce Cloud uses pricing data directly from your ERP, so whether they visit your web store or speak with your sales reps, your clients will always get the right price.

Ensure optimal pricing accuracy

Seamless integration means our web stores display the right price all the time, including complex sales tax calculation or automatic charges for additional fees.

Offer customer-specific pricing

Even with the complexity of B2B pricing, you can populate tailored prices in your web store by customer segment or by individual customer.

Show the right discounts and promotions

Sana Commerce Cloud uses the pricing logic from your ERP system, so you can always rely on accurate discounts, including directly calculated tier discounts, in your web store.

Pricing and payment

B2B-optimized checkout​

Sana Commerce Cloud features a streamlined checkout flow designed for the B2B use case:

  • One-step, multi-step and guest checkout​
  • Real-time shopping cart calculations,​ including ERP-defined sales tax and VAT
  • Capability to engage visitors with abandoned cart emails​
  • Sales reps can represent customers online and guide them through the ordering and checkout process​
B2B-optimized checkout​

Pricing and payment

Easy online invoice management and payment

Sana Commerce Cloud makes it easy and convenient for customers to view, manage and pay invoices online (without a workload nightmare on your end).

  • ​Facilitate the payment of open invoices (regardless of which channel the order was placed through) directly from the web store​
  • ​​Provide customized payment conditions​
  • ​​Integrate with a variety of Payment Service Providers, including Adyen, PayPal, Ingenico and more. (See all PSPs).
Easy online invoice management and payment

Global reach​

Comprehensive support for business expansion

Want a tailored web store for every region you operate in? Sana Commerce lets you roll out multiple stores based on multiple companies within your brand, and into new markets with multilanguage and multicurrency support.

Easily launch multiple web stores

Use the relevant localization data you already have in your ERP system directly in your web store. We offer multi-currency and multi-language support to facilitate global expansion.

agility and future-readiness
Reduce your time-to-market

Easily populate the right product assortment in the right web store by defining product assignments directly in your ERP system​.

Localize each of your web stores​​

Enable rule-based pricing and checkout configurations for different markets​. Define country-specific languages, product line, catalogs, tax rates, etc.


No more unnecessary web store customizations

Out-of-the-box, Sana Commerce Cloud already includes many of the capabilities that are often added on to an e-commerce project as custom functionality. This means you’re more likely to get exactly what you want when you invest in Sana Commerce Cloud right off the bat.

If you do, however, find you still want to extend the capabilities of Sana Commerce Cloud, you can. Thanks to the extension points that we’ve built onto our architecture (most notably, our storefront APIs), Sana Commerce Cloud is 2x more extensible with add-ons than any iteration of Sana Commerce to date.


A solution for your (current and future) requirements​​

Sana Commerce Cloud is a flexible and completely customizable solution that puts the power back in our clients’ hands, allowing them to constantly innovate and embrace transformation:

  • Experiment with a decoupled front- and back-end, or headless commerce solution, using GraphQL
  • Invest in a B2B solution that lets you step into the world of progressive web apps (PWAs) and other trending innovations
  • Remain agile with e-commerce software that’s built to scale and evolve with you (and among the first to be built on the future-ready React framework)

Security & compliance​

Guaranteed web store security

At Sana Commerce, we think carefully and strategically about how we can ensure and maintain a secure site for your ERP-integrated web store. Sana Commerce Cloud is no exception:

open and closed source
The best of open and closed source

Sana Commerce Cloud’s source code is shared only with a strict selection of partners and clients. This way, an internal community is created and the benefits of open and closed source are combined, and weaknesses eliminated.

Built-in security measures and audits

Sana Commerce Cloud’s e-commerce security is evaluated, tested and certified by Lion Bridge, Microsoft and SAP. Still, Sana Commerce conducts monthly security audits to efficiently identify and resolve issues.

Attack mitigation with a Web Application Firewall

A WAF protects web applications and denies access to web servers when malicious activity is detected. Sana Commerce offers a regularly updated WAF that protects against new and emerging attacks.

Data privacy compliance
Data privacy compliance

Sana Commerce Cloud only stores limited personal data. The most important data remains centralized in your ERP. We use SSL certificates to encrypt data and ensure that both your ERP and the connection between Sana and your ERP are secure.

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